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  1. Are you including the consultant's costs as part of the T4C proposal? Regardless, a consultant is generally not considered a subcontractor (these forums have discussed this topic a fair bit as well).
  2. What a rollercoaster of events this morning! At first I was intrigued that Latvian Connection registered here and would start contributing some insight from his point of view. Then I saw his six posts or so. Wow. Immense disappointment from what I had hoped to be some interesting arguments turned out to be angry, incoherent ramblings. Finally, for the second time this week, he exacted another dismissal and sanction from a valued contracting forum. An interesting start to the weekend, for sure!
  3. But, you bring a good point: what's stopping Latvian Connections from continuing the administrative sabotage via proxy or other entity? Listing the firm and the persons involved in EPLS, then requiring protestors to verify a positive SAM.gov registration? We'll cross that bridge if/when we get there, I suppose.
  4. Hi all, Long time lurker & first time poster here. Finally decided I should start contributing towards the fantastic community here. A GAO report just released yesterday has banned Latvian Connection from filing protests for at least one year: http://www.gao.gov/products/D14354#mt=e-report