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  1. Thx. I doubt we will have....
  2. We will monitor the outputs as long as they reach the objective per PWS.
  3. Vern, Sorry I did not clearly answer your Q1. No, this contract does not states that the contractor must deliver the estimated hours. =( Thank you for all. Bottom line... how can government really monitor contractor's work performance? Based on an honest system?
  4. Yes. in Supplies/Services, the description as follows: 0001 Accounting & Financial Operations Support Services One (1) Base Year (Award Effective Date to 12 months), included Transit In (6 days). Detailed Personnel Position Titles; Hourly Rate; and Estimated Labor hours are Included the following: Base Year SME Accountant II: $145.74/hrs. 90 hrs per mon. sub-total: $13,116.60 Sr. Accountant II: $121.13/hrs. 1,760 hrs per mon. sub-total: $213,188.80 Sr. Accountant I: $118.03/hrs. 1,760 per mon. Sub-total: $207,732.80 Accountant III: $109.62/hrs. 1,760 per mon. Sub-total: $192,931.20 Accountant II: $104.77/hrs. 1,760 per mon. Sub-total: $184,395.20 Accountant I: $93.29/hrs. 1,760 per mon. Sub-total: $164,190.40 Jr. Accountant II: $89.61/hrs. 1,760 per mon. Sub-total: $157,713.60 Total: $1,133,268.60 Any additional hours have to be approved by COR prior to work. So I divided this total price by 12 (mon) as Unit Price (e) and amount (f) = $1,133.268.60. Can I ask contractor to invoice government with a detailed breakdown as PWS required?
  5. 1. Based on our Performance Work Statement (PWS), the contractor proposed the estimated labors and hours and the CLIN description was built based on contractor's proposal. 2. No. The contract does not say that the contract must provide 10 persons per month. 3. In PWS, it required invoice shall include: Labor Categories / Hours Billed/ Rate
  6. Thank you ji20874. firm-fixed-price is fixed unit price. If the contractor did not provide the estimated hours and personnel, Government is still obligate to pay the estimated monthly fixed price? So how shall we monitor this FFP service contract?
  7. I just awarded a FFP contract for our Accounting service (large business, GSA OASIS Program). Our agency does not allow to do T&M contract. My CLIN Unit was Monthly, the CLIN was included that says "hours are estimated and listed detailed labor categories and hours as below...." I did not put "payment will only be made for actual hours worked". My question is Can I ask contractor to bill the government based on actual hours worked? How shall COR monitor this contract? If the contractor proposed 10 personnel monthly for certain hours, but they only provide 9 people and less hours than they proposed, Are we (government) still pay the proposed monthly price? Since the CLIN has detailed all estimated labor categories; hours; and price, the contractor should bill the government with a detailed breakdown invoice based on the actual hours worked. Am I correct? if so, how shall I provide my explanation? Thank you.
  8. Thx. Yes. He will do numbers and give her opinion, and if needed, he will testify it at court.
  9. I moved this to the Contract Administration forum under the topic: Is this Advisory and Assistance Services Contract?