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  1. Good question, Vern. I don't know why the CO chose to write the contracts with a single shared ceiling (max quantity) of $5M.
  2. Thanks and I agree with awarding a new suite of contracts. My opinion is that we should increase the ceiling for enough time to get new contracts in place. We cannot be without them as there's risk to life and property involved.
  3. Yes, we have already awarded the contracts. Although the value was below the the $7M (FAR 13.500(c) is N/A to this requirement so the $13M is moot) at the time of award, should we really be continuing to use FAR Part 13 when the value would be increased to an amount greater than that $7M (especially given the historical info that I see shows we really should have used FAR Part 15 and had a ceiling around $17.5M)? No, I did mean J&A since the question that came up involved using FAR Part 6 and not FAR Subpart 13.5.
  4. We have a suite of multiple award IDIQ contracts that was awarded using FAR Subpart 13.5 and share a ceiling of $5M. When running reports to track how much we had remaining against that shared ceiling, it appears as if we need to do a J&A ASAP so that we do not exceed our shared ceiling. The question came up as to whether we could exceed the current threshold of $7M afforded under FAR Subpart 13.5 since we awarded the contracts using FAR Subpart 13.5. Is there a prohibition against using FAR Part 6 as our authority and moving out of FAR Part 13 during contract administration?