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  1. All is well. I just often want to know what other agencies are doing.
  2. This is the direction I am accustomed to but the posts have made me want to have a better understanding. I can’t imagine we’ve been completely doing this wrong as an entire organization and haven’t been written up.
  3. This is all true and I can’t negate any of it. I’m now wanting to dig further as I’ve been an 1102 for 8 years and a CO for 3 and I must say my organization has always established line items for travel and other direct costs hmmm.....
  4. This is very interesting. I just responded to someone that I am always open to seeing things differently or other than the way I’ve been taught. I’m pushing pause on this one until I look into it more as to why we’re doing it if it’s not proper.....
  5. I mistakenly thought this forum was a place to ask questions and seek opinions of others. I am NEVER about to get into a spar war with anyone. As a PCO I often like to see what other people at different agencies think about certain things. Not that it will change my outcome but sometimes it does. I never want to be that person with my heels dug I’m so far as to not see other options or a way of looking at things. The rude and sarcastic comments are a bit much. Carry on if you like but that is not my character so I will not join in. thanks.
  6. I am not sure if you all read all of each post I’ve submitted. Yes I’m DoD. I have stated multiple times that I do not plan to allow this charge. As it relates to an ODC CLIN that absolutely is a thing, just as a travel CLIN is a such thing. My question was had anyone ever heard of this being done, that keeps being missed. I am not seeking ways to do it as I don’t agree with the cost. There are BPA in place for these services.
  7. My question was had anyone out there allowed the charging of WiFi services via an ODC CLIN. I’m not trying to get into their accounting system because I’m not allowing them to do it on MY contract (follow on). They’re currently charging it (at the governments request) on the existing contract. I was inquiring about the experience of others not necessarily the logistics of how it should be done. The government should absolutely have used the BPA to procure these services.
  8. Thanks everyone for the input. My stance has always been this is not ODC. I’m just curious if anyone has allowed it to be. The contractor would not order off the BPA, the program office would be. The contractor knows nothing about the need for WiFi which my other point.
  9. The contractor is not requesting the devices, the program office is. Contractors other than those on this contract use the WiFi. I was not the CO for this one, I just awarded the follow-on.
  10. I would expect them to utilize the AF BPAs that are in place to purchase cellular services. These BPAs provide resellers that have been approved at cheaper pricing for these types of things.
  11. Customer means the program office. I am a PCO. No ODCs were identified at RFP release. FFP contract $27M task order. Contract states there will be assistance needed with the testing events but nothing about WiFi AT ALL. There is a totally different development contract that they support with testing. The Air Force networks blocks certain sites they feel aren’t needed or appropriate. The sites are actual testing sites but out COMM department blocks them. My issue is that the WiFi service on the existing contract is billed by Verizon to one of the contractor employees credit cards and they in turn are billing the contract for reimbursement. None of this to me fits any definition of ODC.
  12. Has anyone heard of paying for Mobile Hotspot devices and service using a contracts ODC CLIN? The customer says they use the WiFi to conduct development testing because the base AFNET WiFi blocks the sites they need to get to in order to test. The contract they want to charge it on is an A&AS program office support contract. I do NOT see how this fits the definition of an Other Direct Cost.
  13. With the change of not having to consider price on a multiple award contract, how does that affect the trade off process? Does one now redefine tradeoff in this scenario? Ask for deviation from SS procedures?
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