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  1. I’m soliciting under FAR Part 13 for commercial services buy valued over $25,000 but under SAT. It is a sole source requirement (not Brand Name). Issue 1: Let's say I post the pre-solicitation notice to the GPE and wait for the required notice time to pass; do I then need to post a copy of the solicitation? Or does the pre-solicitation notice count as the solicitation in the case of sole source SAP requirements? After the pre-sol synopsis period has ended, can I negotiate directly with the intended awardee, or do I need to post the actual solicitation to the GPE as well? (Just to cover my bases, for this particular example, I do NOT wish to issue a combined synopsis/solicitation.) Issue 2: If both a pre-sol synopsis and a solicitation posting are required, can the timeframes for both the synopsis and RFQ posting be shortened? FAR 5.203 (a) says, “[…]The notice must be published at least 15 days before issuance of a solicitation, or a proposed contract action the Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one source under the authority of 6.302, except that, for acquisitions of commercial items, the contracting officer may— (1) Establish a shorter period for issuance of the solicitation; or (2) Use the combined synopsis and solicitation procedure (see 12.603).” Am I correct that this paragraph allows for shortening the period a pre-sol synopsis for commercial items needs to be on the street?
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