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  1. For those of you who have submitted comments to the Panel- thank you. Don Mansfield- we are monitoring several websites to gauge what the community thinks- but we really need the background info regarding what in particular is an impediment and what the suggested solution is. That information is not normally linked within the websites you mentioned. Matthew- the interim report examples were selected to show those not involved in the acquisition process some of the impacts of using procurement as a mechanism for public policy. The Panel is going to make suggestions about how to change processes as well. We have only been staffed since the beginning of January, so please stand by for the heavy lift ideas that take much more resarch and internal discussion. Policy guy- I read the blogs. I don't normally comment but DO consider what people are saying when I work on policy issues. Jammaal- if you elect to submit a comment, you will get a response, and there will be a record about how your comment was resolved in the 809 Panel records, at a minimum. If your comment requires further discussion, the Panel staff will contact you to arrange for that exchange of ideas and examples. I am the leader of the effort to trace the origins of the FAR, DFARS, and PGI content to validate where all the statutory or policy requirements came from- so we can properly recommend to Congress what to repeal, amend, or add. As part of this process, and as I have done my normal 1102 job every single day, I look for ways to eliminate the burdens on government and contractor workforces so we can better meet mission requirements- quicker and more on target for actual need/problem solution. I feel I am doing my part to try to be part of the solution. I encourage everyone to also be part of the solution by providing us some information about what it looks like where you sit and what solutions would make it easier for you to do your acquisition jobs and support the mission in a way that gives you joy because you got a great outcome for the taxpayer. Please submit your suggestions, early and often.
  2. Well, Vern it sad you feel that way, but the Panel is trying to make positive change and we sincerely would like to hear what what everyonr who has a suggestion would like to say- If you have a best practice, the best way to desseminate it is to offer it to the Panel along with a description of how the practice will make the acquisition process better at the practical level. I look forward to seeing great ideas from practitioners!
  3. All of you are welcome to be part of the solution. If anyone would like to share your best practices and have them considered for insertion in the Section 809 Panel's submittal to Congress or there is a part of DFARS or FAR that is completely impeding your abilty to get work done, please submit your recoommendations, including what you think the final change needs to look like, to https://section809panel.org/contact/ Be the change you want to see in the world!
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