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  1. The clause 52.222-17 was not specifically added at the order level for the previous orders, nor was it added at the BPA level (3 of the 4 orders were made under a multiple award BPA), however, it WAS included within the GSA Schedule contracts. Thank you for that GAO decision - that is helpful! Yes, the current contracting team believe that parts of the order are subject to SCA and include 52.222-41. Thank you for drawing my attention to (n)! Very helpful! Unfortunately, the previous BPA & orders had not been let with the understanding that SCA applied due to the computer em
  2. Looking for some advice here... I'm a Contract Specialist with a pending competitive action under GSA FSS IT Schedule 70 for IT services. We have two incumbents in place under four separate orders, and all will expire soon. We are in the process of re-competing a single new order for the continued services. The RFQ has been posted to eBuy as a SB set-aside and we are currently accepting questions. We have also included 52.222-17 non-displacement of qualified workers in the solicitation. Of course, as a result, we are getting a lot of questions asking for details about the incumbent(s) and
  3. I have a procurement that I am working as the Contract Specialist under DOI that is an IAA for services in which the selling agency (another agency within DOI) provided the draft Statement of Work for us to use in preparing the IAA documents. My agency is the requesting agency. In the draft SOW they provided to me they have included a five year period of performance consisting of a base year and four option years, however they have included the following language regarding the pricing: "3. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE - The overall period of performance is estimated to be five year perio
  4. My apologies, Yes you are correct in what we are buying. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for reposting this... I'm just learning how to use your site. I appreciate the patience!!!
  6. Thank you! So then is the micro purchase threshold for this type of procurement $3,500 instead of the $2500 limit? - This is the crux of what I am trying to get at, and why my research on this even started, because many of these actions fall between $2500 and $3500. I just want to be sure I am doing them properly.
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