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  1. Thank you for your comments. Greatly appreciated. Love the VERN JUNIOR!
  2. I hadn't thought about the "consideration" part. This is a 10 year contract and we are at the 5th year where the caps come into play from year 5 on out. We would like to be able to ask them to remove the caps so we can adjust them accordingly due to inflation, etc., I don't know what consideration we could offer, most the clins are FFP.
  3. Has anyone been able to request a government agency to remove the cap on indirect rates successfully?
  4. We had a CPFF contract to build and equip the facility for the DoD; We have now completed that part of the contract and they have issued Option 1 - Sustainability and Maintenance of the facility. We have permission to use the facilities on any government contract that we submit an RFP on a competitive government solicitation and then awarded. When we are submitting our RFP do we have to disclose that the facility has been built and equipment purchased under the contract with the DOD and we have the DoD's permission to use this facility and equipment (at no charge) to the government agency?
  5. We were contracted to build a facility (mfg) for the government under a CPFF award. We built the facility and purchased all the equipment for the facility with the CPFF funds awarded. We are tracking this as contractor furnished equipment since it was purchased through the government contract. Therefore, is it GFE or CFE. When we are responding to RFPs do we disclose that the facility and equipment was purchased by the government thru the CPFF contract? Is that required to disclose?
  6. Since Other Transaction Authority does not require FAR and supplemental regulations, what is required when you are using subcontractors? Is Sam.Gov registration required? Is Commercial Determination Required? Is cost and price analysis required? Any help would be appreciated. Want to get this right from the beginning. We are the Prime in this. Thanks!
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