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  1. Real Contracting Pros

    The federal employee workforce has turned into a work-for-welfare program, instead of a respectable civil service. Bring back the federal civil service exam and find a way to make federal employees at will employees (make it easy to fire them). Magically, intelligence and competency will increase.
  2. Bid Protests: GAO or the Courts

    if we go the route of eliminate GAO and instead use COFC: eliminate the GAO raise the dollar thresholds to eliminate COFC jurisdiction for smaller contracts hire some of the best GAO bid protest attorneys and convert them to judges at the COFC let the other COFC judges focus on intellectual property and other issues, let the judges specialize impose a timeline for bid protests at the COFC (basically, take the speed and expertise of the GAO and move it to COFC)
  3. How can we speed up the source selection process?

    put in the "extra work" to fire or demote the stupid, lazy, or incompetent
  4. How can we speed up the source selection process?

    don't be afraid to ignore (just write "noted" or the equivalent) requested changes and revisions from legal or policy oversight in the review chain enforce a strict culture of keeping things as simple and concise as possible, including evaluation factors and page lengths for all documents of every type praise and reward simplicity and brevity, punish and ridicule the opposite
  5. January 2018 Volume 1 Report

    Here is a helpful summary from a BIGLAW firm: https://www.arnoldporter.com/en/perspectives/publications/2018/02/highlights-from-dod-acquisition-panels-1st-report
  6. How competitive are 1102 jobs?

    If you are in school, college, graduate school, etc...you are in a uniquely advantageous position. It's much easier to get hired from this point, and you might not ever have this status again. Definitely look into the Pathways Program and every other "intern" or "fellowship" program you can find. It's a no-brainer. These "from school" hiring authorities allow you to avoid the tremendous "competition" from other hiring priorities. It's incredibly harder to get the job from an open market situation.
  7. Best way to find incumbent contract number?

    You can also search FBO or FPDS by other parameters, like agency or date, to hone in on the contract(s).
  8. @Vern Edwards has mentioned the idea of the Department of Defense (DOD) having its own acquisition laws and regulations-- completely separating it from civilian agency acquisition laws and regulations. Maybe you can throw in some other high-dollar, national-security-related agencies like Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The National Defense Authorization Act often includes DOD-specific legislation, so this wouldn't be a revolutionary change. PepeTheFrog hears rumors of the desire to legislate a "Defense Small Business Act" and move all small business contracting laws under Title 10, Armed Forces. This would exempt DOD from Title 15 and the Small Business Act. It would allow DOD to run small business programs with total autonomy and independence from the Small Business Act and the Small Business Administration. (1) What do you think of the political feasibility? Would this cause a fight between the H/S Small Business Committees and the H/S Armed Services Committees? (2) How should DOD shape its own small business contracting and small business programs? The 2018 National Defense Strategy focuses on lethality, rapid acquisition, acquisition reform, and technological innovation from small businesses. (3) PepeTheFrog hears rumor of the desire to let the civilian agencies handle the "breadline" socioeconomic stuff and let DOD focus on getting innovative technology from small businesses, rather than distributing taxpayer money to a specific ethnicity, sex, or economic region. If that happens, the Small Business Act goal of 23 percent will be impossible to meet because DOD spending is usually more than half of that effort. Of course, that would be the point of exemption from the Small Business Act. (4) If you could eliminate any of the small business programs in DOD, which would you eliminate? Which would you keep? Why?
  9. GSA Industrial Funding Fee

    @Corduroy Frog PepeTheFrog is so glad to see other members of the very well-respected frog community participating in this online community. Thanks for hopping by. Give my best to Michigan J. Frog.
  10. Defense Small Business (Act)

    A frog can dream, can't she? It doesn't have to be all or nothing, or so painful that Congress Critters will be tarred and feathered by their small business constituents. Maybe DOD could shift some of the small business burden to the civilian agencies. Increase the goals for civilian agencies, relax some goals specifically for DOD. DOD acquisition gets all kinds of special favors from Congress, regularly, in the NDAA. A frog can dream!
  11. Defense Small Business (Act)

    Vern: That's a very strong stance! You would want it because you could exempt yourself (the DOD) from the Small Business Act and make your own regime. Your Defense Small Business Act could be an incredibly watered-down version of the Small Business Act. Or, you could cut out entire portions from it, or include none of it at all. Why wouldn't you want a chance to free yourself from the shackles of the Small Business Act? No 23 percent. No set aside analysis. Small business programs focused on whatever you want: rapid acquisition, attracting "nontraditional contractors," Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)..the sky is the limit. Another good question is "How does the current Small Business Act help DOD?" The Section 809 Panel's Volume 1 report is now available, and it skewers small business in DOD. The report complains that small business programs in the DOD focus on achieving set aside goals, and setting aside dollars and contracts for "disadvantaged" groups (PepeTheFrog, as a minority frog, would take great offense to being described as "disadvantaged" because of PepeTheFrog's green skin), rather than providing anything of use for the DOD. Of course, that's what the Small Business Act says, so it might be an unfair criticism. What do you think, does the DOD do an effective job of managing its small business programs? It could help DOD by allowing DOD to focus on DOD wants, rather than racing around trying to meet quotas. Is the DOD a social welfare program or a military department charged with defending the citizens of the United States of America? (That's a false dichotomy, but great rhetoric.) PepeTheFrog thinks that's (part of) the idea behind a Defense Small Business Act.
  12. January 2018 Volume 1 Report

    It looks like PepeTheFrog's "rumor" of the desire for a Defense Small Business Act was confirmed (page 191 of the Section 809 Report, Volume 1). Imagine that! Sometimes frogs are right. Please share your thoughts here or in the dedicated Defense Small Business (Act) thread:
  13. Defense Small Business (Act)

    (1) This is politically feasible right now, as long as it doesn't take too big out of a chunk of total federal small business set aside dollars. The DOD, HASC, SASC, and the Trump Administration have momentum to shave things down and become more business-like and focused on DOD needs. Yes, it would cause a big fight. (2) Focus on small business programs that provide useful technology and high-risk innovation, especially in four focus areas (a) DOD lethality (weapons and "force multipliers" and technology that makes the military more effective (b) cybersecurity (c) IT infrastructure improvements and (d) cloud services. (3) "This will never happen, that's politically infeasible." "There's a small chance that could happen, but it's doubtful." "That's the direction the DOD and Trump Administration are headed, it seems probable." PepeTheFrog is sure someone has an opinion. (4) Keep the Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) program because it is a status that is earned, rather than a genetic endowment like race or sex. Put specific time limits on the benefits of being a small business concern, i.e. for each NAICS code, there is a defined window, e.g. in NAICS code 12345, you can only be qualified as a small business concern for set asides or any other benefit for XX years. Frog food for thought. PepeTheFrog is certain there are opinions on this stuff! Start croaking! Hop on it!
  14. Truth Decay

    Your reaction to reading this paragraph, PepeTheFrog believes, is a reliable predictor of your vote or feelings in the 2016 election. Agree Agree
  15. Truth Decay

    @FrankJon regarding your word salad: PepeTheFrog only referenced the publicly posted (now deleted, but archived) Instagram pictures. That's it. Everything else you mentioned is a very cool story, bro, and you should tell it again. Your questions are not interesting or new. Your opinion about alternative media is noted. The points you've made and the questions you've asked are boring. PepeTheFrog is certainly distrustful of of the mainstream or establishment media, and is skeptical about alternative media as well. To sum up, PepeTheFrog would like you to understand that no person, no source, no organization, no corporation, no party, no profession, no philosophy has a monopoly on the truth. Where you rank your sources, regarding reliability, is your own opinion but it doesn't impress anyone. It's interesting that the mere reference to one aspect of a story that was not covered in the #FakeNews is enough to troll you and others. PepeTheFrog has enjoyed this exchange, immensely. Try lifting more weights, it will help your critical thinking skills. Also, lay off soy products of all kinds, except fermented. They will decrease your critical thinking skills.
  16. Read as many SES (or other positions you want) bios as possible, pick the ones you think you want to be, and notice the commonalities. Then, try to emulate them. Moving around helps your credibility, experience, and salary (both public and private sector). @FrankJon is correct about how the civilian agencies get starry-eyed about DoD experience and credentials. If you're interested in the private sector, move around and don't just stay at one civilian agency. Also consider chasing different types of contracting experience, e.g. R&D, BAA, big dollars, DoD MDAPs, commercial, SAP, GSA Schedules, IDIQ, technology, operational, services, commodities. "The more you know..."
  17. Truth Decay

    Matthew, there is no way this is your best. Preemptive refers to preemptively refuting an idea, position, fact, or assertion, not the timeline of when an article is published versus when the "story" happened. Let PepeTheFrog explain. PepeTheFrog is using "poisoning the well" to describe a common method that #FakeNews uses to bury, ignore, or obfuscate a story. (a) focus on the most outlandish and ridiculous and easily disputable aspects (b) downplay, or more often, completely ignore aspects which gives the story "legs" The result is that the reader gets a poor impression of the story, thinks it's a ridiculous conspiracy theory, or some zany nonsense, and dismisses any further reference to it. Why would the reader consider the story at all, if he or she never sees the important, interesting, salient, or useful leads, facts, stories, etc.? "Poisoning the well" works. It worked on you. Example: In this thread, you provided a #FakeNews article from the New York Times which focuses on the most outlandish and ridiculous and easily disputable aspects of what is collectively called #PizzaGate. You also described it yourself in the most outlandish and ridiculous form possible. That would be (a). PepeTheFrog doesn't think you're hiding anything at all, so you're not doing (b). But you're carrying water for (a). PepeTheFrog is not willing to give details about (b) - the things about that topic that are worth discussing. It is not appropriate for this board or polite discussion. It's disgusting. It also might violate Wifcon rules. PepeTheFrog will not make any more posts about that topic. It's not relevant to government contracts and is only tangentially related to this thread, if at all. But PepeTheFrog, vaguely, told you enough that can lead you to a Google search to find more information, which again, is not in the New York Times article or any number of #FakeNews and establishment and legacy media coverages. If you're interested in finding that information, PM PepeTheFrog. If you're happy in the warm cocoon of #FakeNews, by all means, drink your soy milk and read the New York Times.
  18. Truth Decay

    Seems like "poisoning the well" is something you do not want to consider. Thank you again for proving my point. As far as specifics, there are rules for Wifcon about defamation and attacking individuals. PepeTheFrog understands you are not interested in anything other than what the New York Times has told you, and that is your prerogative. "entire" FrankJon, you really need to slow down and read your posts before you hit the button. PepeTheFrog loves you both, FrankJon and Matthew! Thank God America has informed citizens, an honest press, and critical thinkers! Democracy dies in darkness, after all. Thank you for Correcting The Record and taking these brave positions.
  19. Truth Decay

    LOL, nice link from the same source you posted first, the New York Times. Matthew, thank you for hammering home PepeTheFrog's point. The second link you presented is another fine example of "poisoning the well" and selective reporting (and omission). Research this issue beyond the New York Times. The specific pictures and comments, unsurprisingly, are not posted or mentioned in that New York Times "summary." Google is your friend. You can find a complete archived compilation of all the pictures and comments. Again, do not look at them on a work computer. They're disgusting.
  20. Truth Decay

    The New York Times' position is or was that "Fake News" comes from the independent media, their competitor. That meme was immediately flipped to the New York Times', Washington Post's, and establishment media's detriment. When people say "Fake News," now, they're usually referring to the establishment media or legacy media. The only proof you need is the absolute fear that television networks of the establishment or legacy media have for this term. They loved the term when they thought they could attack and undermine their competitors. Now they hate the term and will literally cut off your microphone if you throw it at them in an interview. As far as the details of the story you reference, notice that no establishment or legacy media source ever published or questioned the pictures and comments, publicly posted on Instagram, from one of the main characters. Do not look at these pictures or comments on a work computer. Instead, they popularized the most ridiculous and outlandish claims possible, and ignored every lead for the more reasonable and 100% verifiable details, such as the publicly posted pictures and comments of one of the main characters. This is called "poisoning the well." Also look up which federal agency created and disseminated the term "conspiracy theory," and exactly when that federal agency created and disseminated it. It's on Wikipedia. No person or organization has a monopoly on the truth!
  21. Section 801 of 2018 NDAA

    Vern, PepeTheFrog likes this idea. Cut the Gordian knot, instead of using Rube Goldberg "fixes" and "exemptions." PepeTheFrog is now looking at his webbed hand's timepiece, waiting for a naysayer to hop in and bring up all the statutes or government policies Vern Edwards' solution will subvert, thus entirely missing the point... But what about the Anti-Deficiency Act and EULAs? What about click-through licenses and actual authority? What about, what about, what about...
  22. Section 801 of 2018 NDAA

    After it was colloquially referred to as the "Amazon Amendment," industry and some government pushed back. That's why the later and final versions use the plural "marketplaces" and "portals," and "multiple contracts with multiple commercial e-commerce portal providers." GSA held an open forum about this in January, and representatives from Amazon, Overstock, and Staples had speaking roles. Here are several options (forgive the sloppy terminology, PepeTheFrog is using brands to illustrate the poorly described concepts): (a) millions of suppliers who sell through a single platform, like Amazon (b) the platform is the only provider or seller and the suppliers are "funneled through" the platform, like Staples, where you are clearly buying everything from Staples (c) the platform is not fulfilling any orders at all, but only facilitates the transactions by searching and connecting, like Ariba or Kayak with airlines These choices are relevant to the concept of privity of contract and who will be considered the prime contractor or subcontractor. The industry representatives had slightly different answers on the question of "When a customer buys from you, who is the prime contractor and who has privity of contract?" This will be especially relevant for small business requirements. PepeTheFrog has heard Congress Critters and their underlings say that they want a system where if you use the e-commerce portal to purchase from an Amazon supplier which is a small business, that should count towards the 23% small business set-aside goal for the agency. If that idea is written into law or implemented into regulation, PepeTheFrog is predicting headlines to the effect of "Federal government now considers Amazon a small business" and "Jeff Bezos: billionaire small business owner, according to Congress." Here is the transcript: https://interact.gsa.gov/sites/default/files/Transcript Comml Portal Public Meeting (1092018).pdf
  23. Truth Decay

    When the serfs of corporate feudalism (excuse PepeTheFrog, "democracy"*) vote or act in the way the idiotic elites want, it's called democracy. When they vote or act in a way the idiotic "elites" do not want, it's derided as populism or "voting against their interests," another favorite. The "elites" are so intelligent and wise that they know your interests, and everyone else's interests, better than anyone! The RAND study is another version of "Why won't these peons just listen to the experts, who have been wrong about almost every important policy or prediction?" The RAND study's #4 concern: "declining trust in formerly respected sources of facts." PepeTheFrog wonders if the Internet and decentralization of information has anything to do with that, hmm...Oh no! People have less trust in politicians, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, the banking cartel, the Food Pyramid, American Heart Association, World Health Organization, United Nations, DOJ, FBI, State Department, Republican Party, Democrat Party...Does it have anything to do with the massive and stunning amount of lies and errors? Imagine PepeTheFrog's shock! https://www.lewrockwell.com/2018/01/no_author/the-intellectual-yet-idiot/ *Try to find the word "democracy" in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Go look for it! The Founders, like the ancient Greeks, understood that democracy and majority rule has inherent flaws.
  24. PepeTheFrog, for one, welcomes our new AI contracting overlords. Robocop would make better decisions than the average GS-13 contract specialist. Automation, AI, algorithms, and machine learning will bring us closer and closer to the warm and fuzzy goal of corporate feudalism. Our betters (some call them "leaders" or "elites") want us to import millions of low-skilled peasants at the same time as we hurtle toward automation and new frontiers of technology. What could go wrong? Who needs a coherent and unified culture, a shared sense of civic duty, or a national character when you can efficiently farm humans with a Universal Basic Income and an entertainment and spying device in every pocket and bedroom? Only a Luddite or xenophobe would object. Progress!
  25. What laws apply to the US. Mint?

    As a frog, with beautiful, slimy, green skin, PepeTheFrog used to think that she was slippery. No longer.