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  1. Every one of the participants is a certified Internet Expert.
  2. push back, ask for a reference or citation never believe what a prime tells you the government told them or required them to do until and unless you see it in writing and can verify the letter or email the telephone game (unintentional distortion of the message) is possible incompetence (misunderstanding of the message) is possible deceit (straight up lying and twisting of the message) is possible
  3. search for the "bona fide needs rule"
  4. Can an agency within the Department of Defense award a SBIR through Other Transaction Authority? If the answer is yes, then a SBIR within the Department the Defense can be funded through not only procurement contracts or grants, but also through Other Transactions.
  5. No, it is a term of art, with little to no consensus. Definitions vary, widely.
  6. ah, journalism the article's narrative (theme, angle, bias, opinion, propaganda message) complains about the revolving door from industry to the Pentagon, but briefly mentions that "By the time Donald Trump entered the White House in January 2017 with promises of dramatic savings in military contracts, Shay Assad had already spent more than a decade in government negotiating exactly that. He started his career working on contracts at Raytheon and moved to the Pentagon in 2004, where he quickly rose through the ranks, earning a reputation as one of the government’s most hard-nosed negotiators." got any more background on that time when "He started his career working on contracts at Raytheon"? or is that not helpful for the narrative? no details needed? what's the relative timeline of Pentagon service versus defense industry employment? how long is a start of a career? was he near retirement age at the end of the "start" of his career at Raytheon? FYI, he was a top Raytheon executive, known for being a tough negotiator on behalf of Raytheon (not the government!), and there was also an incident that some people have described as a scandal at Raytheon after this "start" of his career, he moved to government as a "price fighter" or "profit hunter" on behalf of the government, which mystified those who knew him from the private sector
  7. argument from authority Examples: when I was at this agency four score ago, in my experience, when I was running things, when I signed the big contracts, from my professional expertise, when I rebuilt the Panama Canal, after modifying eight million contracts, back when I knew that famous guy, from negotiating with the big boys I learned, just like this guy told me on the phone
  8. 96 years young born in 1923 this is a haiku old PepeTheFrog hopping around for so long time goes by slowly youngsters don't get it with their cell phones and iPads try out the slide rule
  9. How does the playing field stay level if someone doesn't submit a question in writing? Doesn't email a question by the due date? Doesn't properly read the RFQ? Doesn't attend industry day? Doesn't research the agency? Doesn't research the past procurement?
  10. 1 outwardly, play nice to get the evaluation done efficiently and correctly 2 behind the scenes, use your or someone else's authority to make sure this person deeply regrets it and others notice a ripple 3 you might have to use your superiors or superiors in a different branch/division to get this done correctly 4 make sure the shoe drops after the selection process is complete
  11. that's worse than that case where contractor and government squabbled through litigation about a request for equitable adjustment (REA)...PepeTheFrog recalls it went to the Court of Federal Claims, after the contracting officer denied the REA...Court of Federal Claims judge pointed out that everyone was wrong because this was not a claim and therefore not subject to the Court of Federal Claim's jurisdiction anyone remember this case and have the citation?
  12. go back to the drawing board (cost analysis is not necessary for a fixed price contract) research re-write your question after you understand the difference between price and cost analysis as used in the Federal Acquisition Regulation @Kaseybaja The question for you: What is it about a fixed price contract that makes you think price analysis is not necessary or useful?
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