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  1. Terrific! Really appreciate it Vern. That helps out a lot and can explain it to some of my other colleagues as we have had several discussions surrounding it.
  2. Thanks Vern! The example you provided puts it into perspective. As for the options, essentially the new analysis work is repetitive, so it isnt just done once and is over, so the customer wishes for it to also be done in the option years. So I am trying to determine if modifyig the option periods to incude this work can be done as a within scope change or does modifying the option periods really mean that I would need the J&A to add this extra analysis piece?
  3. I have a contract to provide cyber security monitoring and analysis which are severable services. I have a request to add another set of analysis, which would cost approximately 10% of the total contract value. My legal team is telling me that since these are severable services, any additional work is consdered out of scope and must be done with a J&A. The work is the same or similiar as what is currently being done and would not have changed the competition at time of award. My question is, can you never add work to a severable services contract and call it within scope because there is a cost associated with it? Can I also modify the option periods since they have not yet started? Thank you in advance for any information!
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