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  1. Good Morning. I have a question that someone here may be able to help with. I've been doing business with the DLA for a little over two years now. I mostly work in DIBBS and occasionally in FBO. At any rate, every once in a while I will find out that I was the unsuccessful offeror on a contract even when I, clearly, offer the lowest price and best delivery. When that happens, I email post award and ask for an explanation, so that I can help myself out in the future. However, a couple of different times now, I was the unsuccessful offeror only because the Country of Origin that I specified was a Non-Qualifying Country. The first time, I was told by the contracting officer that they absolutely don't buy from China if they don't have to. Basically, if the item is offered from any other country it is seen as more acceptable than the same item from China. I let it slide. It would've been a nice contract, but I chalked it up as a learning experience. Two weeks ago though, the same thing happened, but the contract was bigger. I researched and found that the only time they take Country of Origin into consideration, other than where USA Manufacturing is specified, is in the case of a tie. Same delivery, Same Price, tie goes to the Domestic offering. I cannot find any other information stating that the Contracting Officer is correct in not awarding me the contract. In addition to that, I contacted the only manufacturer listed on the solicitation and was told that the item is ONLY manufactured in CHINA. The Awardee stated the Country of Origin was US. I contacted my PTAC POC and he verified that Country of Origin is where the parts are manufactured/assembled, not where they are shipping from. I asked the PTAC Contact how I should proceed and was told, "With Caution". He said that Contracting Officers held a lot of power and that they hate protest. He said that although there isn't a "List" that I could be put on it, when dealing with that buyer. He said that I should casually mention to the buyer, for information purposes only, that for future reference, this item is only manufactured in CHINA. He said not to expect the award to be overturned. Fine. I'm alright with that, I guess. In the meantime, I wanted to see if anybody on here had any further suggestions and/or knowledge on the subject. Thank-you in advance for all of your help and for your patience in reading such a drawn out post. Todd (Barefoot)