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  1. Post-mortem. The customer issued a standardized statement regarding what to insert for signatures in e-mails. The prime's lower level managers took it upon themselves to make a decision to make all staff, regardless of prime/sub association, put their company name in the signature in an extreme interpretation. Hence, I am working with the prime to remedy this. Go figure.
  2. @Vern - true.....not everyone replies here, but the purpose of forums is for learning and engaging, so it never hurts to get everyone's opinion and/or experience before discussion with a prime (in this case). And, to answer your question, the employees are required to use their agency address (with CTR in it) and the prime's e-mail they set up for them. Again, this is unusual in our experience. I'll make the inquiry, and if of any interest/value, I'll repost here. Appreciate all the commentary!
  3. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I understand the relationship of the prime with the customer, and we totally respect that. My question is how common is it for our employees to put the prime contractor's name in their signature? Example: Joe Schmo Chief Engineer Blah Blah LLC Where Blah Blah is the prime, but Joe Schmo is our employee. It appears to everyone with whom our employee responds is an employee of the prime. This seems totally bizarre to me. Therefore, our employee is falsely advertising their association. They are not even permitted to put in the words "subcontractor." Any further thoughts?
  4. I have not asked the prime about it, because I thought I'd check to see if this is something that has been used previously, albeit probably infrequently. Sounds from your experience that this is atypical.
  5. One of our prime contractors requires our employees (W2s, not consultants/1099s) to use the prime contractor's name in their e-mail signature. I've never heard of this before. It's not in our contract with the prime, but I don't know if it's in the contract for the prime from the customer. Has anyone seen this before? Seems to be fraudulent to me.