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  1. @Retreadfed In this situation, DFAS has kicked back the Invoice/ Receiving Report due to some errors. Each time it gets that much later.
  2. @Retreadfed What if the late payment is caused by a program office delay in routing the paperwork to DFAS. In that scenario, does DFAS see the initial due date and process the interest or is there an extra step?
  3. Pursuant to FAR 52.232-17 Interest (Oct 2010) and FAR subpart 32.9- Prompt Payment, after a payment is 30+ days late who is responsible for adding interest. 1. Does DFAS include it and pay it automatically? 2. Is it for the contract office to determine and add to the invoiced total using the interest calculator (http://www.fms.treas.gov/prompt/) ? 3. Also, is it typically determined and paid after the invoiced amount is paid in full? Thinking that once a paid date is available than a final interest amount can be determined. What does everyone think?
  4. Appreciate the feedback. I usually notate "tailored" or "Deviation" in the clause title. That's why it appeared odd to relist them later in the document.
  5. Does this provision refer to tailored provisions that are allowed? What else could be considered altered, this seems like overkill? FAR 52.252-3 ALTERATIONS IN SOLICITATIONS Do the following have any purpose beyond noting a specific format? : FAR 52.252-5 AUTH. DEVIATIONS IN PROVISIONS FAR 52.252-6 AUTH. DEVIATIONS IN CLAUSES Curious to get a consensus on how others apply these. Thanks
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