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  1. Outside direct labor and fringe, I would review O/H and G&A structure and rates. This could account for the variation in price between various bidders.
  2. JRT132

    Blind competitions?

    Here is a tread that discusses this issue.
  3. Are there any other software products you want? For example, Microsoft PowerPoint? Are there any organizational specific software products? For example, contract writing systems, financial system system, etc. Does the organizational specific software need to be pre-installed? If pre-installed, does it go on all computers? What type of post delivery support is required? Do you want laptop bags?
  4. JRT132

    Breaking News Area

    Same as all others. I was not aware, but I like the international contract news. I will check the area from time to time.
  5. JRT132

    PTO Payout Required?

    Hi, CHILINVLN. Have you executed a Google or Bing search on your question? If you search "vacation pay out by state" you will find numerous websites that discuss this matter. Here are examples of two sites: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/paid-vacation-what-are-rights-33485.html http://www.shrm.org/LegalIssues/StateandLocalResources/StateandLocalStatutesandRegulations/Documents/VacationPTOLaws.pdf Thanks, JRT