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  1. I don't see what is so egregious about a word that changed/evolved its meaning over time. There are plenty of such words in our vocabulary. The language is a living thing. For example: egregious now describes something outstandingly bad or shocking, but it originally meant remarkably good. It comes from the Latin egregius, meaning "illustrious, select"—literally, "standing out from the flock," from ex-, "out of," and greg-, "flock." Apparently the current meaning arose from ironic use of the original. https://windowthroughtime.wordpress.com/tag/original-meaning-of-egregious/
  2. Good day, illzoni. Considering that the FAR 17.204 discusses establishment of options on a base contract, you offer interesting interpretation. Could you pin-point the exact location in 17.204 allowing for unilateral retroactive extension of options' POP? Also, do you think that situations where sufficient actions to extend a period of performance (or to prevent a delay) were not timely taken before POP expiration may signify the lack of proper contract administration on governments’ side?
  3. illzoni, Please clarify, are you saying that contract modification may be processed after POP expires to extend POP retroactively?