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  1. Prime contractors have the responsibility to ensure not to, or document debarred and excluded subcontractors. The central contractor registry, ORCA, EPLS, etc...are defunct or consolidated down into SAM.gov. Subcontractors are not required to register in SAMS. I believe all this to be fact. Does this mean the Prime is relying on self certification from the subcontractor on debarment ?
  2. you didn't think 1.9T was actually going to fix your pot holes and bridges did you? The money is staffing diversity officers, HR compliance auditors, federal over reach on States, federal overreach on federal contractors, IRS agents. woke up.
  3. There is a difference between a subsidiary and a wholly owned subsidiary. What is the status of company A after the purchase? If they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Company B they may be able to remain the ELB.
  4. Neil I think you're right. That is a sound approach, I have seen it done before too. thank you
  5. I seem to remember if a Prime contractor uses (issues a purchase order) to a government facility to perform some qualification testing for example, that procurement is considered a competitive procurement. Is this true ? If so, where is reference for this for a file write up? The Prime has a CPFF contract and FAR 52.244-5 is included in Primes' contract.
  6. I thought as much, we do have to include option pricing but I agree option pricing should not go towards the small biz goals
  7. We are the prime, and the government RFP requires the planned percentage of total proposed contract value awarded 28% to small business. Is contract value the proposed cost? or is contract value the proposed price?
  8. The analyst words should be assertive regardless if the analyst organization has final word on the subject. It should always say....and therefore the price has been determined to be fair and reasonable. The contracting officers in this branch of the Air Force we get our RFP from, state unequivocally that the subcontracts price/cost reasonableness responsibility is on the Prime. In other words, just as someone else already said, the government is using the prime (who may eventually win the award) to do the analysis. They want to see a write up that leads them to same conclusion so not much questioning or investigating is needed. All the large Primes outsource ~40% in subcontracts/procurement every year, just to clarify I know this thread is not about subcontracts, nonetheless subcontracts can be a significant amount of the Primed Bid.
  9. Should contractors include a price/cost proposal for this portion of a government RFP with their initial proposal response?
  10. Neil said: I do not agree. Per FAR 15.406-2, the Certificate is required from a subcontractor as close as practicable to the date when your company reached price agreement with the subcontractor, I don't disagree with this either. We haven't reached an agreement on price until the assist audit is completed, in which case if not completed by time of award if we should be that fortunate - a reopener clause has already been communicated to the subcontractor.
  11. Neil and All thanks for your comments, very helpful. I think Neil nailed in the last post, "or is required to be certified" per the Definition. My subcontractors, nor we as the prime, are signing a cert and sending it in with our proposal. Albeit required, the government's request is when the prime signs a cert. That is when our subcontractors will send the prime a signed cert, before we the prime sign our cert. if omission, errors, or changes have occurred since the initial proposal was submitted, it's resolved before we send our signed cert in. That seems to make sense Agree?
  12. We are a prime contractor pursuing a government RFP and our subcontractor has proprietary information they will not allow or provide us to see - and the subject line scenario happens frequently. Do the subcontractors certify, and sign certificates of current cost and pricing data with the Prime contractor, or do the subs certify their cost directly with government customer?
  13. H2H had sound advice. How should we interpret " I have formed my subcontracting team"? Does this mean you have other companies poised, for something you all have agreed is in your wheelhouse,? Or does the "your team" consist of a smaller scale of consultants or internal personnel? I assume you are a small business yourself? Either way there are 2 things you must do: a) Subscribe to a M&A, competitor intelligence, customer intelligence, and opportunity intelligence that will steer you into target rich environments for what you do b) search out the B&D and procurement and subcontract manager points of contacts at the large primes. The how about getting started sounds like a cold call, so if it is a cold call, you need the stars aligned, timing, well crafted communication, and impressive expertise.
  14. ji Ramesses was a Pharaoh - and Ramesses said it. 💰👑🗡️
  15. I agree Joel. The Sub had the option fee at X%, when they were required to submit option pricing a year ago. But then we had "ideas" that would upgrade their 'system" and the customer likes our idea. Due to our suggestions that the customer accepted and agreed to fund, the Sub is asking for 35% more Fee than they originally proposed. I like what Neil was writing about, Neil mentioned it a couple times, "there is not government order" that really kicks this action into gear. From the government perspective and what the historical record will show is that the government increased funding on the contract, with no RFP, ECP, or change in SOW. When the Option is exercised here in a couple weeks, the government will simply increase the funding from what was originally proposed. But to answer your questions: 1. sub now wants a higher % fee for ALL of its work or just the additional and any revised duties? Answer: Our suggested changes in the upcoming Option period is the original work, but the work now consists of new software, tools, systems, than originally asked for. it can be argued the complexity has increased as a result. 2. Please clarify WHAT Is 35% higher: Answer: overall, they simply want 35% more in the option period from what they originally proposed. You interject a good argument we wouldn't increase fee for work originally required, I will have to look at that. the Sub will be asked, and they will need to go point by point justifying the risk and complexity factors to merit the requested fee.
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