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  1. Retread The problem is LOE type contract is undefined between prime and Sub. The LOE contract is widely understood not a completion contract. I already told the Sub, I am dropping the LOE, and a CPFF contract (plain ol CPFF) is what will be used, but in their revised proposal submission they came back stating "we will provide a CPFF LOE"
  2. Anything is possible I suppose, but we are a prime contractor with a CPFF Completion contract. The sub we want to bring under insists on a CPFF LOE contract. I advised the sub "if we substitute hours, for work completion, we can define the LOE that way". I know it's not a lot of information, anyone have thoughts on this?
  3. the proposed cost, is the same number as the total cost. they skipped over the profit portion. So retread, that means it looks like this: proposed cost: $ 2,000,001 Profit/Fee: ___________ Total: $2,000,001
  4. thanks everyone, yes it is subject to certified cost and pricing, and yes Neil FAR 52.215-12 is in our prime contract, but if the subcontractor making the offeror skipped over the "profit" is their proposal non responsive, and non compliant?
  5. We are a DoD prime contractor, and a subcontractor submitted a proposal to us. the Subs proposal is FFP , it exceeds 2M threshold, my question is in order to be compliant on the cover page with FAR 15.408, does the Fee need to be separated out from the quoted price, and the total price?
  6. that's exactly right Joel and exactly what has happened here, it's a communication issue between Contracts and subcontracts within our Org thanks
  7. I have asked my PM. And your assumption is correct, it has something to do with prime contract structure and funding. I understand how our customer can direct us (the prime) NTE limits on CLINS, but PM is saying this flowed down to subcontracts as well. I looked at how we proposed our task order, and it did have subcontractors costs broken down in each task, but how that relates to subcontract management of a CPFF subcontract is a matter of communication. News to me, especially since it wasn't a part of the direction or discussion when we awarded the subcontract.
  8. we are a prime contractor and we have a CPFF task order from our government customer, and I issued a CPFF subcontract to support our task order. Eight (8) line items are on the subcontract, to align with the 8 different tasks in our task order SOW. the 8 lines on the subcontract are representative of how we proposed, which was a skill mix of labor to support each task. This is all labor subcontract, engineering services. Funding is running out on one of the subcontract line items, and I was going to move money off one line to another PM said we can't do that. My question is why can't we?
  9. Thanks to what Bob Antonio uploaded to the Forum today, I was informed the CASB meeting today in DC is addressing the very issue I came up against.
  10. If you're in good health, it wouldn't be a bad thing to contract this virus, it's the only way humans build immunity to them when they come around again.
  11. I'm a subcontracts manager for a prime contractor. As a Prime Contractor, we have several task orders issued from IDIQ's. Many of the task order are multi year. For example, one of the task orders has a 3 year period base term. Another one has a 24 month base period, with three (3) one year options. etc...
  12. Don't feel as though you are confusing things, it's hard to be crystal clear writing back and forth in chat rooms, the fact its regarding FAR and contracts makes it even more cloudy 😄 so here's the thing, As I mentioned, I work in Subcontracts, and although I'm fairly certain subcontractors (large business) we outsource to under the aforementioned conditions will be CAS covered if the $ exceeds 750K, the contract documents and review documents at the contract level, indicate NO CAS, and that is exactly correct because when awarded an IDIQ with ceiling of $10,000, CAS is not applicable. However IDIQ's are the vehicle for task orders, and so here we are. Is the large business I subcontract under a task order where the dollar value is >750K, be a CAS covered subcontract? I can't get answers from our own compliance or contracts people to these questions, I am good with the answers you an several others gave me regarding the small business that was acquired by a large business scenario, so I'm down to this final question of CAS applicability to the prime's subcontractor under a task order under an IDIQ that was awarded w/ $10,000 ceiling, and documented by the Primes internal team as "NO CAS" required.
  13. taking out the small/large business aspects of this original post, would the IDIQ award we received from the government that has a $10,000 minimum IDIQ Value, determine all or any subcontracts awarded under the Prime contractors task orders be exempt from CAS coverage? Said another way, assume we get a task order and we included a large business in our Bid, - would this large business be subjected to CAS?
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