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  1. I've heard multiple instructors talk of best value evaluations on a commercial $100k service and I still don't get a clear answer. Question is does the evaluation factors that will be listed in the procurement have to say what's more important when combined? If not can we just justify the award decision in our memo and detail was was more value to us when we dove into the evaluations?
  2. I'm confused on when a brand name like justification would have to be posted to FBO. The below FAR information tells me that I would have to post the justification with the solicitation when I post to FBO but what about things under $25k that I do not have to post to FBO? What about the justification and any posting requirements for that? FAR 5.102(a)(6): (6) When an acquisition contains brand name specifications, the contracting officer shall include with the solicitation the justification or documentation required by 6.302-1(c), 13.106-1(b), or 13.501, redacted as necessary (see 6.305). FAR 13.106(b): (b) Soliciting from a single source. (1) For purchases not exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold. (2) For purchases exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold. The requirements at 13.501(a) apply to sole-source (including brand-name) acquisitions of commercial items conducted pursuant to Subpart 13.5. (3) See 5.102(a)(6) for the requirement to post the brand-name justification or documentation. (i) Contracting officers may solicit from one source if the contracting officer determines that the circumstances of the contract action deem only one source reasonably available (e.g., urgency, exclusive licensing agreements, brand-name or industrial mobilization). (ii) Where a single source is identified to provide a portion of a purchase because that portion of the purchase specifies a particular brand-name item, the documentation in paragraph (b)(1)(i) of this section only applies to the portion of the purchase requiring the brand-name item. The documentation should state it is covering only the portion of the acquisition which is brand-name.
  3. Can someone speak to the requirements for what information is required in the solicitation regarding a best value tradeoff for a simplified acquisition under $150k? I don't see much in FAR part 13 that talks of importance of evaluation factors. I know we would need to list in the evaluation criteria what factors we will be looking at but do I have to put the standard language of whats more important when combined over price like you might see in a part 15 procurement? I'm trying to determine what we would need to put in the solicitation that suffices for when evaluation of quotes might lead to selecting a vendor with a better technical evaluation but has a higher price than other vendors that quoted.
  4. Sorry I meant to put in the original post that part 13.5 applies in my situation.
  5. Using FAR Part 13 procedures, is it required to post the JOFOC for an action below $25,000 to FBO after contract award? I have posted the JOFOC before but haven't run into one below $25,000 and now have.
  6. I've read in FAR part 13 where it is encourage to use the purchase card above the micro limit when available. Anyone have experience with using purchase card over the micro limit? Does this only apply to simplified acquisitions? If the contractor and gov agree to purchase card terms for the contract, could the card be used in any type of ordering agreement (BPA and IDIQ)? I am trying to figure out if I can term an IDIQ to where delivery orders don't have to come through my office with a PR if another center wants to use our IDIQ.
  7. My question is how can you not list what is significantly more important factors in your riddle? Just saying that an award will be made for the offer representing the best value doesn't tell the vendor how they will be evaluated. How is that dealt with? Just saying best value means that I can determine what I want best value to mean when I evaluate offers.
  8. FAR Part 8 is pretty vague on best value evaluations and awards. Does best value evaluations on FAR Part 8 ordering require the CO to list the order of importance for the evaluation factors in solicitations? If so then tradeoffs can come into play if you award not based on what your evaluations factors are setup as.
  9. *Please excuse the typo in the heading. I'd like to get peoples take on competition issues to the below situation: Scenario: Award multiple BPAs off of GSA schedules for project management training needs. You structure the BPA terms to cover the vendors entire GSA schedules. How do you deal with competition requirements if only 1 of the 3 vendors you have a BPA with offers the course? You are never going to have all 3 vendors offer all of the same training courses so how do you deal with competition in these type scenarios?
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