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  1. Thank you for the responses. I meant SAT instead of SAP. The inquiry is to determine if it is possible to use Blanket Task Ordering method for minor construction repairs, less than SAT ($150K).
  2. Good afternoon, I am researching if anyone is familiar with Blanket Task Order. Similar to a Blanket Purchase Agreement except this one is for construction (repair of pipes, gas lines, water lines, etc.) that are less than SAP ($150K) and requires a quick response from contractor awarded the Blanket Task Order. I have never heard of this procedure before. Thank you for your assistance.
  3. The $99M is the limit on the amount of work that can be ordered.
  4. Hi Pepe, the question was if it is okay to exceed the contact ordering limit ($99M) on a multiple award contract by $13M if the contract ordering period ended (ended in Apr 2015). The task order that will award the increased amount is still active (CCD is Oct 2016). Thank you.
  5. Thank you Vern. What about the contract capacity? The $28M unforeseen will exceed the contract capacity by $13M. Does it matter? The ordering period ended.
  6. The answer to both questions are yes. The unforeseen condition is within the scope of the order and the contract.
  7. Good morning Acquisition Professionals, Our command has a contract (multiple award construction contract) that is beyond its ordering period (April 2015 end of ordering period). The contract capacity was $99M and $15M was still available when the ordering period ended. A task order under this contract is still active until Oct 2016. We have an unforeseen condition that was estimated at $28M. The questions are: Is it possible to increase the capacity of the contract whose ordering period ended? If possible, do we need to extend the ordering period? Are these considered bridge action? Could our command cite FAR 6.302-1 to justify the task order increase instead of increasing the contract capacity and extend the contract ordering period? Thank you for your assistance.
  8. Culture is our practice and tradition. There is no written policy.
  9. Thank you all for the responses. Our culture is once a PCO is assigned, on the that PCO or someone with similar warrant signs related documents. But with our new command policy that limited higher level warrants to only the highest in position, the task of signing Market Research, Inclusion of Options and release of Request For Proposal in SPS that do not require warrant level is getting challenged.
  10. Good morning Contracting Professionals, My command has a $750M procurement project. A Level III Procuring Contracting Officer is assigned with commensurate warrant for the project. Acquisition Plans, Source Selection Plans, Business Clearance, release of the contract require appropriate warrant level to sign. Market Research Report, Inclusion of Options, Request For Proposal in SPS, etc. does not require warrant levels for signature and release. My question is Can other Level III contracting officers with less than $750M warrant have authority to sign documents related to the $750M project? Thank you.
  11. The contract vehicle is a multiple award construction contract. Two projects in the MACC, one is less than $5M the other is over $5M. the contractors are small businesses. They submitted bid bonds as required. The contractors are asking if the Government can inform them who the apparent low is prior to award to they can inform their sureties to release the bonding restriction so the contracts can bid on other projects. Both projects are waiting funds and the apparent awardee is known. FAR Par 16.505 requirement is to provide post award notification on projects over $5M but not less than $5M. What statue prevents me from informing the contractors prior to award. Can FAR Part 15.503(a)(2) be used for the Project less than $5M but is a MAC contract using FAR Part 16? Thank you for your assistance.
  12. Correct a Justification and Approval is required, the only issue is that I cannot find any reference that a Construction MACC was extended to use precedent. Thank you for responding.
  13. Thank you for the response, but the project is not a seed for the new MACC, it is an actual project that the command wish to award with out waiting for the new MACC the project in the current MACC was already issued, evaluated, and ready for award. The only snag was the proposed price was more than the programmed amount. Since the project is MILCON, any increase in the program amount requires reprogramming by Congress and takes months go get approval. Rather than waste all the effort in the solicitation, evaluations, etc. and start over, could a MACC extension possible?
  14. We have a MACC (Multiple Award Construction Contract) that will expire (March 2015) before a task order is ready for award. The task order is taking longer that scheduled because of reprogramming issue (proposals are higher than programmed amount). It takes 6-9 months to approve (approval tentative June 2015) reprogramming and the MACC IDIQ will expire before reprogramming is complete. What option is available? Extend the MACC to allow time to award the task order or let the MACC expire because extension of MACC are not allowed (the MACC exercised the last option year, no more option to exercise). FAR Clause 52.217-9 is in the contract to exercise the option years. thank you.
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