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  1. Is there a FAR prohibition on designating multiple CORs on a contract? According to FAR 1.602-2(d) (reference pasted below), a CO must designate "a" COR, which is the only reference I can find that could be interpreted as restricting the number of CORs on an award. Is there authority in the FAR which supports the use of more than one COR if each COR has non-overlapping and discrete responsibilities? Do other Agencies utilize multiple CORs on a contract? Any guidance would be appreciated. 1.602-2 -- Responsibilities. (d) Designate and authorize, in writing and in accordance with agency procedures, "a" contracting officer’s representative (COR) on all contracts and orders other than those that are firm-fixed price, and for firm-fixed-price contracts and orders as appropriate, unless the contracting officer retains and executes the COR duties. See 7.104(e). A COR— (1) Shall be a Government employee, unless otherwise authorized in agency regulations; (2) Shall be certified and maintain certification in accordance with the current Office of Management and Budget memorandum on the Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer Representatives (FAC-COR) guidance, or for DoD, in accordance with the current applicable DoD policy guidance; (3) Shall be qualified by training and experience commensurate with the responsibilities to be delegated in accordance with agency procedures; (4) May not be delegated responsibility to perform functions that have been delegated under 42.202 to a contract administration office, but may be assigned some duties at 42.302 by the contracting officer; (5) Has no authority to make any commitments or changes that affect price, quality, quantity, delivery, or other terms and conditions of the contract nor in any way direct the contractor or its subcontractors to operate in conflict with the contract terms and conditions; (6) Shall be nominated either by the requiring activity or in accordance with agency procedures; and (7) Shall be designated in writing, with copies furnished to the contractor and the contract administration office— (i) Specifying the extent of the COR’s authority to act on behalf of the contracting officer; (ii) Identifying the limitations on the COR’s authority; (iii) Specifying the period covered by the designation; (iv) Stating the authority is not redelegable; and (v) Stating that the COR may be personally liable for unauthorized acts.
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