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  1. Government delay. The Government (Facility Manager) cancelled the initial site survey and now the contractor is requesting the PoP be extended by 2 weeks to account for the delay.
  2. I am looking for professional opinions on this issue which has been argued for quite a while in my office. I’ve done my research and feel that 52.243-1 -- Changes -- Fixed-Price, Alternate III is the correct authority based on the following: 1. FAR 52.249-14 – Excusable Delays is not applicable to fixed-price A-E Services per FAR 49.505( and the FAR Clause Matrix. 2. 52.249-8 -- Default (Fixed-Price Supply and Service) was not included in the contract, and although 49.504(a)(1) does not specifically say not to use it for A-E services, the clause matrix shows it not to be used . 3. FAR 49.503
  3. FAR Part 38 states that the Federal Supply Schedule program is directed and managed by the General Services Administration, and is for the use of Federal agencies. Not sure how that would allow a State to order off an FSS, but there's an address listed, so reach out and ask.
  4. In addition to @ji20874's comment, 22.503(a) states they are to be considered "in connection with large-scale construction projects.". Your IDIQ is not a "project".
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