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  1. Vern, you are correct on everything you said. We aren't required to use the FAR, but most of the FAR clauses are incorporated, or slightly modified, in our IDIQ contracts. I thank everyone for their responses, the provide context and although the FAR doesn't apply, legal precedence and contract law for how disputes are handled still apply. We also have in-house mechanical staff that will likely be used to correct. My main question can we ban a poor sub from campus.
  2. Vern, I am a CO with Architect of the Capitol. I'm relatively new to construction and AE contracts. We have several architects, engineers, and construction managers in the agency. They mostly review CDs prepared be AE contractors, such as this one.
  3. Thank you, sir. I would say it is a patent error, and the sub knew full-well not to connect to chilled water. The contract was completed 6mos. ago and we just identified the problem. The GC isn't going to voluntarily replace a chiller their sub knowingly installed incorrectly. I believe the only recourse may be litigious.
  4. We have a mechanical subcontractor that is a consistent problem and I was wondering if we can ban them from campus. In the latest two incidents, we had drawings that showed chilled water being connected to chillers. There was a domestic water connection alongside the chilled water. The customer states the mechanical sub knows not connect chilled water to the chillers because the chemicals damage the unit. They do this for living. Does the installer have any obligation to notify someone before installing equipment improperly because there was an error in the drawing? The contractor has also created several floods around campus due to faulty installation and improperly supporting pipes. They are qualified on paper when reviewing proposals, but their craftsmanship and professionalism are abysmal. Any thoughts?
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