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  1. No. The RFP is not out yet and we are trying to decide whether we should approach the KO to inquire about the OCI possibility. I just happen to work for a company in one of those situations and know another company in the other situation. I'm simply trying to understand if either of us run the risk of our connection to the client being seen as a conflict. I'm not sure if this question is too basic or too complex. Regarding scenario #1, I did a google search and found language about close relationships (spouse, parent/child) with Gov't clients being an issue. So does that mean a cousin, un
  2. Seriously? From my observation, the majority of posts on this website are from people trying to understand the convoluted and complex aspects of government contracting. If all of the legal / contractual questions were removed from this website, I don't think it would have a reason to exist. I thought the point was for those with less knowledge to seek guidance from those who have more insight. If we had a government contracts attorney, I wouldn't be wasting my time on this forum. As a small business, we are simply trying to understand something we have not experienced previously. Excuse me if
  3. Two scenarios – both involving small businesses considering a future RFP (not yet released). Company X is considering a bid on a Navy RFP and the company President is a cousin of the Government PM. Their relationship is purely personal and no business is discussed when they communicate. Company Y is considering a bid on the same RFP and the President of company Y is a good friend of the Government PM. They served together in Iraq and the President and the PM have met regularly to discuss company capabilities and the Government's future needs. D
  4. Our entire annual recruiting budget is less than $10K. Paying a ~$20K recruiting fee for each candidate (for 4-6 potential new hires) is a bit outside of our budget. Maybe we should increase our recruiting budget to $120K next year... I'll take a look a what that does to our overhead rate.
  5. As noted, the candidate must be approved by the client before showing up at the client site - regardless of whether we hire them, a subcontractor hires them, or a staffing agency hires them. Government approval must precede hiring. The rate charged by the staffing firm would include the candidate pay along with the fee and whatever fringe/OH charged by the staffing agency. Yes to your final question. After the 6-9 month "trial period" - assuming the candidate is viable, he/she would become our employee and the relationship with the staffing agency ends. Our contract is not subject to SCA.
  6. I wasn’t sure where to post this question, but thought this was a good place to start. First, let me describe our situation. · We are a small business with a CPFF contract · All staff members are at the Client site · Contract requires Client approval of all new personnel (sometimes done via resume review – sometimes direct interview of candidate) · All positions require a security clearance and fairly unique skills (i.e., difficult to fill positions) · Contract includes a Consent to Subcontract clause · We have several large business subcontracto
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