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  1. The below excerpt from the article jumped out at me: "Whether it’s the F-35 or any other program, the goal for Pentagon managers is always the same, says one GAO auditor: 'Get a ‘go’ decision. Their careers are tied to that—putting a great new product out in the field. So their incentives,' he explains, 'are always to, first, present an estimate that is low enough that it doesn’t get pushed behind some other program; second, to present really cool, cutting-edge features; and, third, have little enough actual knowledge of what it will cost and whether the features are achievable that you’r
  2. Correct, I work in a government contracting office.
  3. Sir, Thank you. I rushed too quickly to an erroneous interpretation of 35.007. I think I was equating "full and open competition" with posting the RFP to the GPE, thereby making it available to any offeror that chooses to submit a proposal in response to it. If I am understanding the definitions/guidance correctly, that is one approach to providing for full and open competition, but not the only one. Full and open competition also can be provided for when the CO distributes the RFP (I assume not via the GPE, but in a targeted way?) only to "all responsible offerors" and provides it to any
  4. I work in a research and development contracting organization. I am trying to determine whether awarding two sole source contracts for essentially the same research subject/area of interest is an allowable practice. After reviewing 35.007, the text of the regulation suggests that when contracting for R&D, full and open competition need not be provided for: (a) The submission and subsequent evaluation of an inordinate number of R&D proposals from sources lacking appropriate qualifications is costly and time-consuming to both industry and the Government. Therefore, contracting offic
  5. Thank you for the response. The linked bid protest was a useful read on this topic as well.
  6. I am a Contract Specialist in an R&D office within a Government agency that awards many contracts off BAAs in accordance with FAR 35.016. The contract awards are always Firm Fixed Price (FFP) with the solicitation specifying a not-to-exceed (NTE) dollar limitation such that proposals typically come in at or just below the NTE price. Award is based on evaluation criteria that center on some variation of technical merit and importance to agency programs in accordance with FAR 35.016(e). While price reasonableness is reviewed, price is evaluated as pass/fail, based on whether the offeror prop
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