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  1. Park the money

    The requests of my customers never get old. I had two construction task order projects that came in below the Engineer's Estimate and funding available for the project. They are looking for a way to keep the excess money on the contract. I have included their email request for your viewing pleasure. How would you respond? Engineer's email: We’ve had a few chats about the extra funds on the IDIQ task orders. Assuming the evaluation panel’s recommended contractors are awarded the task orders, than some of the task orders had higher dollar amount allocated in the requisition than the bids that came in. With regards to the extra funding for those projects, I was instructed that we need the full requisition amounts to stay with those task orders as of now, rather than releasing the extra funds.
  2. Seeking a better price

    Sorry Vern, I couldn't find the expression.... http://www.the60sofficialsite.com/Do_You_Remember_The_60s_Slang_.html
  3. Seeking a better price

    It is always hard to find the sweet spot when it comes to negotiating a price that is a win, win. I wish there was an easier way to find the reservation point of the vendor. It is an art....
  4. Seeking a better price

    I wanted to update everyone on the outcome. I have a signed PO in place for $954,720.00. The contractor made this statement: Here is the signed SF 1449. Thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you and your team. It appears we have a win, win. Thank you everyone for your feedback on the topic. I had a gut feeling that the IGE was good and that there was room for the vendor to come down. I know a lot of contract specialist that will just run back to the programming office and ask for more money without ever consider negotiating first. I never forget that I am a guardian of taxpayer funds. Thanks again everyone.
  5. Seeking a better price

    I posted a RFQ for Commercial Services on FBO. I receive four quotes that are acceptable. The prices came in $1,050,000, $1,075,000, $1,125,000 and $1,175,000. Programming only has $950,000 available for this project. Is it acceptable to go to the lowest quote I have and ask them to reduce their price to $950,000 and send them the PO if they agree? I am essentially counter offering their offer. Thoughts?
  6. Can anyone recommend source selection reading material beyond the FAR and agency supplements? It appears that Vern Edward's Source Selection Answer Book, 2nd Edition is out of print. What is the go to source now?