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  1. Vern: My MAC is referring to multiple award contract. Napolik: Thank you and yes i did list all 29 geographical locations. Ya, suddenly thought of this...if a particular service or supply item is not 'CLIN' on my MAC IDIQ contract, It would not be possible for me to issue a task order even though that item is within the scope of the basic contract. Am I right in my interpretation?
  2. Thanks Vern. I guess the amount is just based on individual scenerio and experiences. My basis for an IGCE is purely a cost estimate and also for determining the type of forms to be use. This MAC shall be unfunded. Yes, apparently no one in my organization had done MAC before and just commented that I could check with some past contracts in EDS. For sure I'm not so boring as to test this portal.
  3. Hello fellow contracting seniors, I am building a FFP IDIQ logistics support services contract with the intention to issue multiple IDIQ awards. The IGCE for the base year is estimated to be $10Mil and I intend to write the MAC with 4 one year options. I understand that I can do without a minimum guarantee CLIN however with such high dollar value solicitation out at the streets expecting prospective contractors to bid on it; it does seems to be of a necessity. My question in my mind is how do I determine the amount of the minimum guarantee for this MAC? My case has 29 geographical locations
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