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  1. It does not and you obviously are gaining some kind of personal gratification by trolling every one of my responses. I'm done with posting on this site...admin can delete my profile if they so choose.
  2. Exactly what it sounds like (assume cost reimbursable contract or task order).
  3. I work on a contract that allows this IAW their disclosure statement. I have heard over the cubes that some folks working for the KTR are grumbling as some exempt employees get the straight time whereas others do not. A good way to lose quality folks, if you ask me. I often wonder if the USG is getting billed for those over and above hours and not paying the employees putting in the hours.
  4. Agree with Retreadfed. I've set up Toner BPAs before - place the call and get the toners, as needed. If the lead time is too long, consider setting up a BPA with a vendor with a shorter turn-around time. Also, I only allowed high-yield toners on my BPA (if they existed for subject printers).
  5. Is this an FFP contract? I was assuming it was CPFF.
  6. It's no big deal formented. I don't have enough information of the OPs situation to really offer advice and can only speculate. I don't see the realighment as being added scope...shoot, we (The USG) do CLIN realignments all the time on our cost type contracts. Thinking more about this...It sounds like the ODC CLIN has been partially funded...thus the alignment will result in it being fully funded. I would get your finance and legal to chime in on it before proceeding, but it may be ok. Does the KTR's ETC and EAC show a need to be fully funded on the ODC CLIN? If they are showing a positive variance in their status reporting, there may not be a need to fully fund it.
  7. Do you disagree with me or something? I didn't know this was a debate forum or such that it was expected every post response to be a Grad School dissertation. I'm beginning to believe this site to be more about trolling, 1-upping and/or flexing one's intellectual prowess than actually sharing ideas and offering potential solutions to problems.
  8. Because I'm trying to help. Why do you care?
  9. I assume this is a cost reimbursement contract funded with FY18 O&M and has been incrementally funded. Is this correct? If so, my answer would be no...go get current year funds from your customer to add to the ODC CLIN and deobligate the old money off the CLIN showing a positive variance. Consult with your comptroller as others have recommended to ensure you're not violating something in the FMR. I hope you are not referring to ODCs that have already been incurred by the KTR. There should be a record of LOF notifications sent by the contractor leading up to this point per FAR Clause 52.232-22 (hope that's in the contract if it's incrementally funded).
  10. I digress...I've gotten too used to working on a GOCO where the contractor takes stewardship and manages the property records from AC induction until the FORM JPS-5-206-A is signed off and the bird flies away. We call it GFP on all our TOs...even though we own the hangars (they also manage the maintenance of the facilities as well). I should have read the original post more carefully.
  11. GFP - Government is providing the broken AC wing to the contractor (or the contractor's maintenance team if work is to be accomplished on government property ) to do repairs.
  12. In my position I do: 10% #1 90% #2 I should be doing more file management...but the squeaky wheel gets the grease in my fast-moving department.
  13. We deal with matters like this all the time...most of the time the Ktr agrees to price adjustment bilaterally. If not; we issue the price adjustment mod unilaterally. Ktr can challenge following Disputes clause 52.233-1 procedures, but none ever have thus far. It's nothing personal - just the nature of doing business with USG.
  14. Yes...I've had to be my own KSpec and KO in both contingency contracting and stateside assignments. It's not preferred as two sets of eyes are better than one, but sometimes one has to work with what one has.
  15. They are not playing us by any fiddles and I totally understand everything you are stating...lastly, we don't give the KTRs copies of our PNMs. I don't post on here much, but Im not a newby to this contracting stuff...did it for 20 years in the military and now 6 additional as a civilian. This is just an issue I've not had much experience working through working in a SPO...other than when it's just outright obvious...i.e. (KTR is just ordering stuff). Thanks, John
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