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  1. Do you have a clause in the contract preventing them from the follow-on work?
  2. See: https://www.acquisition.gov/comp/far/index.html Under FAR Reference they have archived versions.
  3. A license should indicate that the firm is current for the code requirements. I would expect a licensed firm to also be aware of concerns such as earth work, insects and the best materials for that environment and climate. The Government is expected to be a good neighbor, and work with the local authorities.
  4. The clause restricts the percentage of the contract that maybe subcontracted, dependent on the requirements. The prime must perform that percentage of the contract stated in the clause.
  5. The order was dated January 30. I believe that 150 days will be June 29.
  6. The Department of Commerce controls DPAS. A primary web site is http://www.bis.doc.gov/dpas/default.htm
  7. Also, clauses maybe added or updated in an amendment or modification.
  8. Do be careful of the Christian Doctrine.
  9. Many of us think that we know everything; however, I have been proven wrong. You are thinking about convicting someone before they commit the crime?
  10. Vern: thanks for bringing this ?article? to our attention. Another situation that provides insight to the unknowing. While we are at it, why not just have an Army and Navy. Gee, why not just have one force. One size fits all, right?
  11. Are you that certain that you will fully utilize the capacity of each year? You maybe worried about nothing.
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