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  1. Vern, Thanks for the guidance! I think 2 ordering periods solves this issue. Don, Appreciate your recommendation as well. The IDIQ is being utilized due to unknown quantity of production units. Looks like we can avoid the use of options thanks to Vern's explanation!
  2. I am reviewing an acquisition that is a planned SIX year IDIQ. The contract will be awarded competitively and up to two vendors will be selected. The first 2 years are for a development effort. At the end of those two years there will be a down-select and a single vendor will be chosen for the remaining 4 year production. This is not a contract for advisory and assisstance services. My issue is that I cannot find any authority to proceed with an IDIQ that exceeds 5 years and does not have any options. I am very familiar with the regulations (FAR 17.204, DFARS 217.204, AFARS 5117.204) and I do not think that the contracting officer can even rely on this part since there is no inclusion of an option. I have tried looking in FAR part 16, but I cannot find anything regarding an IDIQ exceeding 5 years without utilizing an option or modification. My current stance is that one of the following must be done: 1) set the contract up so that this is a 5 year effort with 1 option year or 2) break up the contract into two separate vehicles (1 for development and 1 production). These options have not been well received by the contracting team. Is anyone aware of anything statutory or otherwise that will permit an IDIQ for more than 5 years??
  3. Section 815 of the National Defense Authorization Act of FY 2015 made the authority permanent.
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