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  1. Good day to you all! I'm currently an A/OPC within the Government Purchase Card Program (GPC) and we have been pulling our hair out on individual equipment (IE) procurement list and non-procurement list items for deployers! Currently items on the procurement list are purchased from our mandatory base supply store (Envision), but we have noticed the majority of the items on the deployers' checklists are not on the procurement list; therefore, FAR 8.002 applies, according to AFI 64-117, Para. 4.1.12. For items not on the procurement list, cardholders would have to go through DLA, GSA, etc. resulting in splitting the requirement. Our base supply store has claimed they are a distributor for DLA, however they are called out separately in the FAR and we have seen no documentation on this. Further, when confronted about DLA, Envision has claimed that the majority of the items are not purchased through DLA because of the price difference. According to AFI 64-117, Para. CHs may not purchase from unauthorized sources. So my questions are: What is the correct method of purchasing IE that contain procurement list and non-procurement list items and still be in compliance with mandatory sources, AFI 64-117 Para. 4.1.12., and FAR 8.002? How do you ensure/enforce a vendor (Envision) to purchase to the mandatory source (DLA)? GPC is designed to be the most simplified and streamlined form of purchasing, however it has escalated to the point where each cardholder is coming directly to the GPC office for guidance. We are now confused ourselves! Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!