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  1. Thank you for everyone's input! It is a tremendous help getting everyone's perspectives on how to approach this analysis. Questions have been asked but there still needs more clarification on the K's side.
  2. Contract Type: CPFF I am currently analyzing a pricing proposal that used a combined OH and G&A Rate. I am concerned on how it's used for their breakdown. Example below: Direct Labor: 100,000 Rate (OH + G&A = 100%): $100,000 Materials: 50,000 ODC: 500 SubK: 1000 Subtotal: 251,500 Fee (1%): 2,515 Total Price: 254,015My concern is that the G&A was not applied to the other cost elements of 3 and 4. The subk total should not be counted, if I am not mistaken, due Value Added reasons. My Question is if anyone has encountered this before of a proposal using a combined rate?
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