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  1. What's the biggest DOD contract?

    Wow, I didn't see that coming! But as a former user of SeaPort-e, it makes total sense. I was discussing with a colleague the value of the data that SeaPort captures, if the government was ever able to aggregate it properly.
  2. Option Exercise Likelihood

    This. If the customer still needs the services, and there hasn't been a solicitation on the street for what you do, for the office you do it for, your option is probably going to get exercised. I'd say 99%...
  3. I assume "CO" is an abbreviation for Colorado...
  4. Multiple Solicitations

    Ahhh this reminds me of a Tale of Two Markets, one of my favorite articles!! http://www.wifcon.com/analysis.htm >> Market Research -- A Tale of Two Markets, by Christopher E. Harris, CFCM, CPCM It should answer your questions, or at least give you a better understanding of what you are working with.
  5. Read this. Read it NOW!

    This is my favorite one! I had this come up not long ago on a project I was advising on.
  6. Read this. Read it NOW!

    FLASH... more like FLICKER, am I right @PepeTheFrog ?!
  7. Read this. Read it NOW!

    @joel hoffman Mr. Edwards put it better than I can, it's a mind set for folks to engage in "coping with new challenges and solving tough problems through smart thinking and methods." @Vern Edwards Chapter 4, The NASA Acquisition Process: Contracting for Research and Development was a very good read! Having worked in an R&D contracting environment, I found the information fascinating; R&D, like construction and other niche contracting areas, has some very unique challenges that make learning about past theories/processes entertaining for us contracting nerds!
  8. paystubs

  9. Read this. Read it NOW!

  10. Read this. Read it NOW!

    David Eaves gets it! The jury is still out on Kelman. #MCGA
  11. Read this. Read it NOW!

    Awesome article, thanks Mr. Edwards! "The reality is procurement law allows for a fair degree of flexibility. Procurement lore does not." This quote really drives home why it is so important to be a student of the game. As an 1102, if you just go with what you are told, you are going to find yourself bogged down by blue rules all day long. Learn and understand for yourself, and challenge the status quo... in many offices, there are plenty of "innovative" processes that can be discovered by clearly knowing the red rule/blue rule distinction. Steve Kelman gets it. #MCGA
  12. Debriefing request timeline

    In the time it took to start this thread you could have just requested the debriefing.
  13. Assuming the garbage job DCAA does is considered "technically acceptable."
  14. Original Intent of FAR Parts and Subparts

    God speed, Mr. Edwards. And thanks for everything! #legend
  15. Original Intent of FAR Parts and Subparts

    ...and that's why the rest of us just google to find what Mr. Edwards said. LOL, kidding (kind of).