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  1. Leaving a Civilian Agency for DoD Contracting?

    @Don Mansfield hahahahahaha that comment made my day
  2. Leaving a Civilian Agency for DoD Contracting?

    100% agree. Also, a worse situation can sometimes yield a great learning opportunity. Pepe, as always, is spot on.
  3. Truth Decay

    This was an interesting read...
  4. @PepeTheFrog "alexa, write me a task order!"
  5. How competitive are 1102 jobs?

    it's all about who you know
  6. BANNED! Again...

    Latvian Connection is at it again. This time GAO dropped a 2 year ban on ol' Keven. Next up, according to the decision, could be a permanent ban. http://www.gao.gov/products/B-415043.3
  7. So two or more distributors are competing for your business...
  8. NAICS and Scope

    Basically yes, my initial thought was that you are changing the rules at a point where the rules are set.
  9. NAICS and Scope

    From SMALLGOVCON: http://smallgovcon.com/naics-code-appeals/naics-codes-task-orders-underlying-contract-controls/
  10. NAICS and Scope

    Yeah, based off of an analysis of small businesses (or lack thereof) under NAICS 123456.
  11. NAICS and Scope

    Question to your question @FrankJon , can you change the order NAICS in your contract writing system?
  12. NAICS and Scope

    Hmmm... does it have to do with the small business size standard used in the initial competition?
  13. Interview Guidance

    Good stuff, thanks @Vern Edwards !
  14. Interview Guidance

    @Vern Edwards Where did you get question #10 from? I assume what you chose says something about your personality? I'd pick construction project manager for sure... steel toe boots and 711 taquitos all day!
  15. Interview Guidance

    @Vern Edwards touche Mr. Edwards, I crush people who misuse terminology, as precision is key in contracting. How about, "walk me through the process from requirement definition to award decision..." To my side note above, the question was "walk me through a source selection" and I did answer with the FAR Part 15 process. A side note to my side note, I just had a slight panic attack thinking about sitting down for an interview and seeing Mr. Edwards sitting across the table...