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  1. Assuming the garbage job DCAA does is considered "technically acceptable."
  2. God speed, Mr. Edwards. And thanks for everything! #legend
  3. ...and that's why the rest of us just google to find what Mr. Edwards said. LOL, kidding (kind of).
  4. @Don Mansfield niiiiice! Good move. #MCGA
  5. Isn't the DOD currently bringing this back?
  6. hmmmm, very interesting
  7. Is this "higher official" a contracting officer as well?
  8. I'm confused... Did @ji20874 not provide the answer in the first response?
  9. I am assuming this is the typical 12-month base with four 12-month options set up? If it's really that big of a problem, the government can choose to not exercise the first option year and recompete the contract early. Or move forward with termination proceedings. Either way, this is a government/Scuzzball problem. If the customer is unhappy as you say, and just taking your story as is, it seems they would be, I'm sure the contracting office is scrambling to find a fix. They probably don't need you popping in, adding fuel to the fire.
  10. Rescued? Like how so...
  11. Stop calling it a clause. It discredits the rest of your thought process.
  12. Churn and burn, baby!! @rsenn Like ji said, if you have questions, just ask... worst case the KO just ignores you. And if you are a small business, reach out to the OSBP/OSDBU POC and tell them how you lost but have a few questions to help make your proposal more competitive for the next time.
  13. @PepeTheFrog LOL, what's your student loan payment look like? $10k per month? @Boof @Todd Davis @here_2_help Thanks for the input!
  14. So, as the title of the post says, is the CPCM worth getting? Thoughts? I plan on sitting for the certification this summer. I'd like to hear how it is viewed from both perspectives, government and private industry. Thanks!
  15. @PepeTheFrog Let's make this happen! @Todd Davis This guy knows what I'm talking about.