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  1. I don't have a lot of experience with PWS, but I received a draft SOW with two CLINs, one is a standard CPFF-completion type and the other is for PWS which will also be CPFF. First of all, is there an issue with this format? My other question is a bit more general and that is what would make something performance based on a CPFF type award? Tying deliverables to the fixed fee so that if they don't meet the deliverable or to a lesser degree (ie, if trying to provide vaccines to a certain % of the population, tying different fee amounts to different % levels) they get reduced fee? I know that PWS is required to have identified standards, but I guess the point I'm trying to get to is where is the 'so what' if they don't meet the standards? I know it then becomes possible to terminate, but that is not likely or desirable if for example they only miss one or two performance standards out of 40 or 50.
  2. They are for services. I already did request additional information and they are claiming that because its commercial services, they are not required to submit.
  3. Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster. I'm doing evaluation on a competitive FAR 15 cost-reimbursement contract. Most of the primes have submitted subs providing full cost and pricing detail as required in FAR 15 to determine fair and reasonableness. However, some primes, for some subs, have only submitted T&M loaded rates or in some cases only one amount with no LOE to back it up for what they claim are their commercial subs. During discussions, where additional material was requested in order to determine fair and reasonableness, they claimed that because these subs are proposed as commercial subcontractors, it is not required and pointed to 52.244-6. I've dealt with commercial sub approval at the post-award stage before, but not at the pre-award. Any suggestions on material I should be requesting and am allowed to request in order to determine fair and reasonable cost? Its a very detailed requirement with different approaches, so price analysis is not really applicable.
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