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  1. napolik - yes, we have all those points fully covered in our CTA. Thanks. Vern - you're so right, GSA's innovation/creativity couldn't produce terminology with more clarity, ha. And yes, their terminology "Blanket Purchase Agreement" is not helpful. I can't wait to see the confusion that comes from the final rule when it is published regarding Order Level Materials.
  2. napolik - the document that you linked is a good resource, thanks. PepeTheFrog - I get your point, but it would seem logical that in addition to the CTA, which is an agreement between the two parties, that something in the task order needs to pull this together. Thanks for referencing the FAQs, I have seen them previously. My overall question is still left unanswered however. Specifically, does the task order to the CTA team leader have to specifically identify an additional task order number that would be associated with the CTA team member for them to identify for their GSA IFF reporting, or can the CTA team member use the CTA team leader task order number to report IFF? If the later, it is assumed that the CTA team member should be specifically identified in the task order.
  3. Need some guidance/feedback for the following: The situation is that my company was awarded a GSA Schedule BPA and a task order as the Team Leader in a GSA Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA). The BPA specifically identified the CTA Team Member by company name and GSA contract number in the BPA, but they were not identified in the awarded task order. The task order did incorporate by reference our proposal which specifically identifies the team member and proposed items from their schedule. However, there is only one task order number identified with the award and that is the task order number for my company as the Team Leader. Should there not be an additional task order number for the CTA Team Member listed in the task order awarded? By having two distinct task order numbers for each respective participant in the CTA each company will have a task order to report their IFF to GSA.