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  1. Jacques -- respectfully -- We've run into this situation before in my office. Most software licenses cannot be written for a period of less than one year, so to echo Vern's sentiment, the best way to handle this is to write a contract with the actual start date of performance (i.e. the day after the previous contract expired); sign it; and move on. And of course, the lesson learned, is to figure out a way for the contracting office and the customer to track end dates better.
  2. Summer Reading 2014

    Private Pilot FAA Written Exam bookPrivate Flight Maneuvers bookPrivate Pilot SyllabusGleim Pilot HandbookGleim FAR/AIM bookI plan to finish up my private pilot's license this summer! So, I have another FAR to read and learn.
  3. Happy Birthday, Bob!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Is the Hill AFB FAR site down?

    Thank you!!
  5. We are unable to get to the Hill AFB FAR website - and we are wondering if it is just our installation (Army) blocking us, or if it is just down in general. If you can get in, let me know! Thanks!
  6. Happy Birthday, Bob!

    Happy late birthday, Bob! I hope it was a great day! Thanks for all you to to support this site.
  7. The definiition of unbalanced pricing is where the price of one or more contract line items is significantly over or understated as indicated by the application of cost or price analysis techniques - from The Government Contracts Reference Book. Does the work change (decrease) in the option years? Has the contractor planned for the learning curve, meaning work in option years can be performed more efficiently than in the base year? I agree that normally you would not see a decrease in price but there may be more to the story. ~jj
  8. IDQ Minimum Guarantee

    Thanks everyone for your input. Vern: I agree that I need to bone up on Fiscal Law.
  9. Multiple award IDIQ contract was awarded with the guaranteed minimum obligated on the base contract with FY11 funds. The base ordering period is July 2011 - July 2012. (I am the ACO, I cannot speak as to why it was awarded this way.) While I understand that contractors aren't due the minimum guarantee until after the end of the base ordering period - I am concerned about violating fiscal law if all of the contractors are not awarded a task order by 30 SEP and the minimum is sitting on the base contract when we go into FY12. Am I required to spend the FY11 funds prior to 30 SEP, or can they be used in FY12? My gut feeling is that they must be spent in FY11 but I am not a fiscal law expert by any means.
  10. What are you reading?

    Re-reading "Scribbling the Cat" and "Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight" by Alexandra Fuller.
  11. Contractor Employee Quality of Life

    Why is the GEICO commerical with R. Lee Ermey playing in my head right now? http://media.wakooz.com/r-lee-ermey-geico-commercial
  12. Utility Contracts

    If anyone has any experience with utility contracts (water, electric) please send me a private message. Thanks, JJ
  13. I have to admit I forgot I posted this.... Thanks everyone, for your input. It has given me some good food for thought.
  14. Ethical Rule-Breaking?

    Of course it is, since "lack of planning" justifies urgent need.
  15. Desperado - You can choose between the commercial format or UCF, so it is still non-mandatory. JJ