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  1. All, thanks for the many replies. This requirement is to renew a 1 year license for COTS software that I am processing for another office. GS1102's advice seems a road to take. Thanks again, Ken
  2. Hi, I am fairly new to contracting and I hope someone can answer this question. One of the work sections I support submitted paperwork for me to do a Purchase Order for a one-year commercial software license renewal. The paperwork provided to me gave the new period of performance as 15 Sept 2015 to 14 Sept 2016. But when researching, I found the previous purchase order for the software license had a period of performance of 15 Aug 2014 to 14 Aug 2015. Today is 27 Aug 2015, so due to this honest 'oversight' the software license actually expired 13 days ago. What is the best way to handle an oversight like this? Does the period of performance start date have to be the same as the contract date? Can A Purchase Order be done on 27 Aug 2015, but have a period of performance of 15 Aug 2015 to 14 Aug 2016? The work section did receive 'value' as this software was used during the short expired period. Thanks in advance, Ken
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