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  1. DoD has published a set of FAQs and instructions related to service contract reporting for both DoD contracting personnel and contractors.  I haven't waded through all of it, but its posted at the below site:


    It looks like a lot of the guidance to contractors boils down to "talk to you CO", "make sure your contract is showing up in FPDS correctly" and "reach out the federal helpdesk"; so maybe not a lot of help...

  2. @Beth

    It's been a few years since i had access/was responsible for completing the service contract reporting in SAM, but if i recall correctly, the section of the site is only live during the reporting period (including which contracts need to be reported). Is the reporting period officially open? I remember it being a short turn-around to input the data, so i wouldn't be surprised if it doesnt open until October.  

  3. Registration takes a while to go through here, so I'll finally chime in. What Desparado relayed below has been my experience as well. If the dealer/reseller has no public sales for the product/product line, a CSP-1 has been required for the OEM. We've typically submitted them directly to the CO and bypassed the dealer/reseller. The manufacturer should still follow CSP-1 best practices with a detailed price analysis and associated pricing narrative fully explaining how the CSP-1 was completed.

    Although the above states that this is required if sales are expected to exceed $500K, we require it any time the dealer/reseller has no sales for the new product line, no matter what the expected sales are. In addition to using the CSP-1 to determine fair and reasonable pricing, it is used to establish an MFC/BOA for those products until the contractor can establish their own sales, at which time it can be renegotiated.

    There is no requirement to sell to end users by the manufacturer. Dealers/resellers are commercial customers and therefore, they would be one of, if not the only, commercial customer categories that the manufacturer discloses on the CSP-1. GSA will compare the discounts/prices given to the dealers/resellers to the prices that the dealer/reseller is offering to the Government to ensure those prices are fair and reasonable (example (exaggerated): dealer gets 50% discount from manufacturer price, marks it up 75%, and then offers GSA a 5% discount).

    All proprietary documents are kept in the contract file within the eoffer/econtract system. If the manufacturer chooses, after contacting the CO regarding their concerns, may submit those documents directly to the Contracting Officer, bypassing the contractor for purposes of confidentiality.

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