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  1. DoD has published a set of FAQs and instructions related to service contract reporting for both DoD contracting personnel and contractors. I haven't waded through all of it, but its posted at the below site: https://dodprocurementtoolbox.com/site-pages/service-contract-reporting-scr It looks like a lot of the guidance to contractors boils down to "talk to you CO", "make sure your contract is showing up in FPDS correctly" and "reach out the federal helpdesk"; so maybe not a lot of help...
  2. @Beth It's been a few years since i had access/was responsible for completing the service contract reporting in SAM, but if i recall correctly, the section of the site is only live during the reporting period (including which contracts need to be reported). Is the reporting period officially open? I remember it being a short turn-around to input the data, so i wouldn't be surprised if it doesnt open until October.
  3. I came across the below link on another website (stanhinton.com). The website appears to be up to date with decisions through March 25th. Temporary ASBCA website
  4. Registration takes a while to go through here, so I'll finally chime in. What Desparado relayed below has been my experience as well. If the dealer/reseller has no public sales for the product/product line, a CSP-1 has been required for the OEM. We've typically submitted them directly to the CO and bypassed the dealer/reseller. The manufacturer should still follow CSP-1 best practices with a detailed price analysis and associated pricing narrative fully explaining how the CSP-1 was completed.
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