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  1. Can anyone advise where all aperson can obtain FAC C certification? I know Management Concepts, others please and thank you.
  2. Renewals for example of cell phone services or copier maintenance etc.
  3. Just curious to how other agencies are doing their annual renewals...I've heard mixed ways.....several say they issue a po with $ 0 with period of performance and add availability of funds clause and fund incrementally through mods.....anyone doing anything different?
  4. Just curious to see what other agencies are doing in regards to recurring services (ie utilities, phone service) when funding. Some do a full year with the availability of funds clause while others fund as each CR passes. So how do you handle these types of things? Thanks in advance!
  5. Vern: I understand your opinion however a lot of new ideas come from a combination of what others are doing. We are all one Federal government. I have no intention of cutting and pasting anyones programs. I have researched quite a bit as well as have participated in the FAC C training. I do not think this training is of a lot of benefit to GS1105s who never purchase over the 150k limit. I believe the main focus for this series should be classes such as the FAR Boot Camp, Simplified Acquisition, classes on the set asides as well as classes on GSA. Classes that actual emphasis the tool
  6. I'm working on my Masters degree project. I think I have decided to develop a training program for my agency. Do any of you have training programs you would be willing to share? I would also be interested in any milestones you have for new contracting staff. I find the FAC C training to be a bit much for staff purchasing less than $ 150k. Any help is appreciated!!!!!
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