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  1. The basic contract contains both FAR 52.236-2 and 52.243-4.
  2. I have a situation with a Fixed Price Construction Contract for the renovation of male and female bathroom/gang showers where an unforeseen condition has been discovered. I have received funding for this modification, however the contractor has discovered the same condition in another bathroom/gang shower for which there is not sufficient funding for this additional work. It has been suggested to wait and do an upward obligation next FY to obtain project year dollars. My question, is this considered funding incrimination since the unforeseen conditions were discovered in the same FY a couple of months apart or should I wait until the new FY and request an upward obligation for the entire amount for both unforeseen conditions.
  3. BLUF: Is a subcontractor doing service related work on a construction contract required to abide to the flow down constructions clauses contained in the basic contract or are they exempt from these requirements since their work is covered under a SCA Wage Decision? I have a Construction Contract for the demo and building of a new Pier and the dredging of the area around the new pier and the footprint of the old pier. During the dredging phase of the project UXO's were discovered along with some Deck Marking and Radio luminescence equipment gauges that triggered a Geiger counter at the recycling center. The sub-contractor doing radiation remediation is now saying that they do not have to follow the flow down clauses nor require their 2nd and 3rd tier sub-contractor to submit a SF 1413 since their work is not construction in nature and they are not subject to the Davis bacon Act Wage Decision. The radiation remediation is the only part of this contract that is covered under a SCA and that is due to the fact there are no Rad Techs under the DB Wage decision.
  4. I am new to this forum, I have a Firm fixed price Constrcution Modification and one of the sub-contractors is applying G&A and profit to their travel Costs (costs include Rental Vehicle, Lodging, Meals, and Airfare). i am at my wits end trying to see if this is allowable. The sub-contractor has stated they are basing their lodging and meal costs on the FTR and from what have seen and been taguth those rates are established and I have never seen or found where G&A or Profit has been applied. Is this allowable, any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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