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  1. Good morning, I am new to WIFCON and managing my company's first prime contract, which is CPFF for engineering products & services. We added a new subcontractor not part of the original bid, and our FFP subcontract was approved by our ACO. In our original cost proposal we bid using our G&A as a pass-through/contract administration fee, which was accepted by the government. We have now switched to a material/subcontractor handling fee for material purchases, vendors, consultants, etc. G&A is applied only to this fee instead of the whole subcontractor price, which lowers the overall amount of pass-through. We do have program management and contract administration pieces to managing the work of the subcontractor. What can I charge as a pass-through fee -- the bid G&A, the current/actual G&A, or the material/G&A mix? (or another option?) The material/G&A mix would be the lowest cost to the government. Also, if current/actual G&A should be applied, do I need to re-calculate that and re-determine pass-through for each invoice or can I determine it now and use it for the length of the subcontract? Thank you for your help! Vr, SD
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