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  1. Thanks so much for answering! The actual words they used were: "The Government requests that all proposal validity dates be extended".
  2. Situation: We submitted a proposal in response to a competitive RFP more than three years ago for a CPFF IDIQ contract. The proposal, which included several subcontractor team members, was valid for 120 days. We have received no requests to extend our proposal validity since submission, nor have we received any requests for clarification or updates. We have now received a request from the customer to extend the validity of our proposal. Naturally, our indirect and direct labor rates have changed since submission, as have some of our key personnel. Further, our team make-up has changed as a result of several subcontractor status changes. Question: If we extend the validation of our proposal as requested, what, exactly, are we validating? Are we validating that we can complete the work proposed in the SOW for the original price proposed, or are we validating that everything stated in the proposal (i.e., certifications, rates, personnel, subcontractors) are exactly the same as they were upon proposal submission? Would it be appropriate to agree to extend, while noting our qualifications / issues / questions? It is currently our intention to do as requested, but we are having difficulty discerning the ramifications and resulting obligations of doing so.