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  1. Found this post to be extremely interesting, and found the picture when searching the internet for more information on Mr. Rule.
  2. My apologies, in advance, for the following rant. I'm just extremely frustrated by the lack of quality leadership and knowledge out of my senior leadership: I was just told, by my Branch Chief (essentially the Head of the Contracting Activity, in my agency) that he doesn't see the value in preparing an Acquisition Plan for simplified acquisitions. Our internal policy allows for the use of an acquisition summary sheet (which is prepared POST-award) or small business form (think DD-2579, but a civilian version) all the way up until the acquisition hits $6.5M. I prepare an acquisition plan for every requirement that hits my desk, and in accordance with FAR 7.105. Am I really the exception in this day and age? I was taught, very much in line with Mr. Edwards reasoning, that preparing the Acquisition Plan was a way to perform "above and beyond" and show managers your enthusiasm and professional expertise. When the bosses stop caring about the process and the product.....well, now what?
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