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  1. I am trying attempting to craft evaluation criteria to award a multiple award FAR Part 8 BPA for products requiring a Statement of Work. My intent is to award at discount percentages equal to or greater than established GSA Discounts. So, here are my questions: 1) Since GSA has already determined pricing at the Schedule level as fair and reasonable, can I make award at a discount % rather than receiving actual pricing? In other words, not obtaining line by line pricing, instead awarding a discount % off the GSA catalog (obviously, the discount is equal to or greater than the GSA discounts) 2) Since I am not asking for a total price, what happens in a scenario where I get 10 responses to the RFQ? What can I do to eliminate my pool since I am not awarding on price but discount %?
  2. Good Morning, I am conducting an acquisition under FAR 8 against GSA Schedules. 1) Can someone explain the difference in terms used in RFQ language. Such as "shall" vs. "should". What is the difference? And, what is the advantage of using 1 over the other? 2) If my evaluation criteria is LPTA, can I compare quotes from all vendors across the board and award to the lowest price considering they were technically acceptable?
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    FAR Part 8 Terms and Evaluation

    Thank you in advance for responses
  4. Good Morning,

    I am conducting a FAR Part 8 acquisition against GSA Schedule. Was hoping someone could assist me with the following:

    1) Difference in contracting terms ("Shall" vs. "Should")

    2) Price evaluations - can I compare the quotes submitted by vendors for overall pricing? For example if my evaluation criteria is lowest price technically acceptable, can I just go to the lowest price vendor considering they are technically acceptable?


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    GSA Buys - Award Without Discussions

    If I go with an LPTA approach under FAR 8.4 and I need to go out for a round with the vendors, what is the best approach to do that?