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  1. Vern (or anyone for that matter), any idea why I get the following message clicking on that link: "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."
  2. Thanks all, I swear I tried Google before posting! :-) Counsel requested that we look into this as they were unaware with exactly how we should proceed. As of 0907, our Office of Counsel has yet to receive notice from GAO. Possibly it was a tactic by the Contractor to rush our decision... After reviewing the info that all of you provided, specifically Based on GAO Decision B-281082, I have advised my superiors that we should move forward with our decision.
  3. edwardscpfd

    Career Changes

    I spent six years in my first 1102 position, the first three working up from GS 07/09/11 (11 was the top for a Contract Specialist in our small office). After three years as an 11 I picked up a 12 with another organization. I didn't move just for the 12, but instead because I wanted to gain more knowledge and experience working with different types of contracts than I had previously.
  4. An Agency Level Protest was filled with our office on March 15, 2016. Yesterday, April 13, 2016, (prior to the Agency decision) the Agency received notice from the Contractor that a GAO Protest had been filled. My Question... Should a protestor file with GAO while an Agency protest is pending, is the Agency then absolved from issuing a decision? I will continue to look in Part 33 as well as 4 CFR Part 21, etc.; however, I have yet to find this scenario addressed. My gut tells me that once a protest is filled with GAO, any pending Agency decision would now be irrelevant (for lack of a better word this early in the morning).
  5. We have a requirements contract for a particular service; while checking SAM prior to issuing the T.O. (as I do each time), I noticed our vendor now has a delinquent Federal debt according to SAM. When I try calling the number provided in SAM (Treasury Office Program Call Center), I am told that the circumstances cannot be discussed with me since I am not in the paying office. Ugh... Anyone else encounter this on an existing contract? I get that per the Approprations ACT, we cannot enter into a contract with any corporation once all judicial and administrative remedies have been exhausted or have lapsed, and that is not being paid in a timely manner (of course we are now aware). Is that where we are once the message has been posted to SAM? Do you go forward with the termination process or just not issue any new Task Orders and allow the contract to die? Thoughts... Rob
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