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  1. Retreadfed, we do have a separate material handling rate and I am not sure whether it will be T&M or Cost-Reimbursable at this time.
  2. How would you track it as such if it is not getting captured in an ERP system? Would you estimate? Assign a monthly cost to charge based on some type of historical cost?
  3. I am looking to see if anyone has dealt with a similar situation and how they went about recovering cost: We are wrapping up pricing for a contract with a substantial amount of customer purchased material which will be drop-shipped off to our facility. As there will be no base associated with customer furnished/purchased material, we are concerned with how we will capture/recover material handling costs on this material (our OH rate will not be captured). The employees handling the items/material are indirect charging and with no base we are not sure how to capture this cost (aside from just incorporating it into the fee). Has anyone else encountered this? Any recommendation for recovering costs OTHER than just increasing the fee? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello All, Recently DCAA finished it's audit of our 2008 Incurred Cost Submission. One of the findings we are taking issue with is for a subcontractor who apparently did not file (and has not filed to-date) an incurred cost submission of their own. DCAA affirms that it was our responsibility to make sure the subcontractor filed an ICS. I believe this was the only contract the subcontractor had for the year. This is leaving us with potentially millions in penalty. Does anyone have experience with this type of situation or similar? I am trying to research as much as possible to see what options we have at this point. Any and all feedback is helpful. Thanks!
  5. We currently have an FFP proposal submitted for approx. $24 million over three years. Our work is mainly DoD. It is CAS covered (we are currently modified CAS w/ CAS contracts under $50 million a year). My supervisor seems to believe that there is some kind of dollar threshold (in this case $20 million, she thinks) that sets off a business system audit of some kind. Is any one familiar with this? We have only had an audit of our accounting system to date and is was found to be adequate. I have spent a lot of time over the past few days trying to find reference for my supervisor to this threshold/requirement to support her but I cannot find anything that appears to fit the bill. Any feedback would be appreciated. The contract does have the business systems clause flowed down if that helps with a response. Thanks!
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