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    Thoughts on FSSIs

    FSSI is an initiative grounded in common sense but becoming dangerously unstable as those well-intentioned expand its possible use to professional services. I believe it is commonly acknowledged that SSI is well suited to products and commodities - as is the FAR. However, the FAR has had minimal change or adjustment for the increased purchase of services particularly professional services. To me this means the application of commodity buying techniques to services predicated on the FAR is awkward at best. Unfortuately, those who advocate for SSI actions tend to focus on lowest price whenever they speak of SSI. While lowest price might be the goal of the bidding process a fair and reasonable price is the price characterization in the FAR for other procurement approaches. As a GSA executive noted the purpose of SSI is to acquire and manage the Government's requirements, implicitedly suggesting that lowest price need not be the sole goal of this initiative.