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  1. Hello, Navy, How about 25 USC 1544? Seems like a scam. Subchapter D looks like a target rich environment. Yes, all of those are more practical that my earlier rainforest torching thought. It may be worth indexing all of those dollar thresholds to inflation so they would self-adjust over the years?
  2. Issues as in issues which are controversial, or are we talking about how the Constitution affects our daily work? As contrast, sometimes I imagine what a procurement job in North Korea might be like . . .
  3. Hello, NavyBuyer, I'd happily torch a few acres of rainforest to get a few laws repealed and corresponding regulations removed
  4. ApsoFacto loves District of Corruption. Also nominates District of Collapse to PepeTheFrog.
  5. We use D&B, but I thought D&B was primarily self-reported, and therefore could be gamed. In our situation, access to Consumer Reports would make more sense given the amount of knick-knacks we purchase (though not for responsibility purposes). Don't know if that would be useful to you, though.
  6. These problems affect other more high-profile areas (e.g. taxation, war-fighting, private sector hiring, land use, etc.), and we may benefit as free riders from whatever progress they make in those areas. People in other areas are generating ideas like the House of Repeal. Such a thing, were it to come to pass, may help us here. (Thought I should offer *something* hopeful since I'm a Pollyanna at heart). These are two diverse interests just begging to be merged together! Some of this field has already been plowed, though unsuccessfully.
  7. I never submitted announcements to the GPE (fedbizopps at that time) personally- never had an account with it. I only submitted announcements to our in-house computer system. However, our in-house system had an account with the GPE and provided those announcements to the GPE. Could this language be a needlessly fussy way to describe that scenario? I honestly don't think so, but I thought I should float that trial balloon so that it can take heavy fire . . .
  8. Hi, H2H, Also unrelated: I recently read Call of Cthulu by HP Lovecraft. Does not work as a campfire reading-to-the-kids horror story. Good story, though. In my younger days I enjoyed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And Paradise Lost which was not as hard to read as I thought.
  9. We had some excellent contracting officers who were woodwind players prior to me coming on board at my agency. I think they paved the way for me to be hired. I worked out as well! Unfortunately, we did not have enough players for a woodwind quintet. We were always short a bassoon and a clarinet. The HR people wouldn't let us put that requirement in the job announcements Too bad, it would have been fun.
  10. Wrestling is compelling in that way. There is no score: you just get beaten. There is still a ref, though. Do you like the javelin throw or track? Not much subjectivity there.
  11. I was a Fine Arts major. I may have ruined it for you. They may have been more desperate back in 2001!
  12. The article says there is a four minute deadline to provide the written protest. I'd love to read one! Just an accusation that there is a foreign substance in the judge's eye? (By foreign substance I mean feces)
  13. Pepe, I thought of the same quote. Do you think Walt Whitman needed an exorcism?
  14. Hi, Matthew, I noticed some glossed-over disagreement between some panel members- specifically the DHS representative (who I seem to be picking on) seems pretty down on mandatory contracts. Says they don't work. I think there was a move from GSA to mandatory specifications in IT for computers. That may be what was eating at the DHS person. I'm not a Fed anymore so I'm fuzzy on this too, but others around here know for sure. She didn't bring that up specifically since there was a GSA person a few feet away and the conversation was polite. I think it's the mandatory *specification
  15. That being said, I think this takes it too far: "I didn't come into this business to write contracts, I came into this business to support a mission" (1:06:20)
  16. Howdy, Don, I think the best bang-for-buck reform is separating the certification and the training functions entirely. Not my idea- I heard it from Arnold Kling, but he probably heard is from elsewhere too. I'm attracted to is because it's simple, but I think colleges tend to hate it. This is almost identical to what you propose except you would have to pick what side of the instruction/certification fence you wanted to be on and stay there. The student would not have an option to hire you for both.
  17. Hi, Vern, As you say, the value of the task order was $50M. The technical proposal page limitation was 30 pages. The Air Force dinged one proposer for " [not] discuss(ing anything specific to the Structures support such as items listed in PWS paragraph". It sounds like they wanted longer and more detailed technical proposals. $50M is also lot of money, perhaps worth slogging through a 100 page proposal. I'm also not comfortable with LPTA for engineering and professional services. Actually, I thought you could not do that (Brooks Act). I'm sure you have other misgi
  18. The recent examples have involved animals for some reason: Kid gets into gorilla exhibit at zoo ->gorilla gives kid concussion-> responsible adult shoots gorilla-> trial by media-> week of hatred toward responsible adult Dentist shoots lion in corrupt country-> trial by media-> week of hatred toward dentist Prior to those: Scientist lands probe on a comet-> wears goofy tee-shirt with scantily clad women at press conference-> Scientist pilloried and forced to grovel by know-nothings . Mozilla CEO gives money to Prop ###-> Activists destroy
  19. I work at home once every two weeks and I use a virtual desktop interface which allows me to keep absolutely nothing on my home computer. It's the only remaining place I can get any writing done peace.
  20. I don't think we hate the French that much. I appreciate efforts to revive the French Reign of Terror here at home (with our own spin on it). We even have show trials!
  21. I thought of Betsy as more of an employee than an external contractor. But if she was not an employee, there was an offer, it was accepted, and she was probably paid. As noted earlier, there was no US Government, so I guess the arrangement was between two individuals.
  22. At least the FAR is written in English, and not translated from Greek. We have that going for us.
  23. Thanks, Ji! Yes, that looks like the FAR section corresponding to that quote. The three-firm rule makes good sense in the file-cabinet context, in that it can be complied with easily. However, we don't operate that way, and it sounds like the OP doesn't either (though he will correct me if I'm wrong). We issue a synopsis/announcement/RFQ asking for qualifications and are therefore dependent upon the kindness of strangers to provide at least three responses. I suppose my question is: If we are soliciting openly for an A-E requirement and not going to the file cabinet desc
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