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  1. Agreed! I'm still skeptical on this, we dealt with these folks back in the day. It means a lot that you vouch for cubicles, Joel, so I took mine out of the catapult. For now.
  2. It probably helped his case that cubicles are expensive and the vendors kill you on relocations and reconfigurations for years afterward too. I think they were invented to reduce the possibility of heavy petting (ahem!) at work. Only a theory!
  3. I hope we can all agree that open offices and cubicles are bad. I've never had a proper office at work, it just struck me that I'd actually be able to concentrate here if I had a door I could actually close.
  4. I think my therapist calls this "projection". The Contracting professional is not the person who convinces Congress to change rules, the "senior leaders" are. If the existing rules are harmful in some way then persuade Congress to change them.
  5. I've done it for a few years now. If you have to actually write something, or deeply focus on something, then you can't beat teleworking. Huge benefit is that I'm sick and contagious, I can get some things done without infecting the whole office. Can also get a few things done here and there if a kiddo is sick and you have to stay home to care for them. It works fine for day-to-day work. It stinks for work that required a lot of collaboration. Overall a mixed bag, which is why I only do it once every two weeks. I don't cheat, but I'm sure some people do. Folks cheat when they are in the building too, though.
  6. Full disclosure I was assuming IFB because of this verbiage. Please disregard if it was in fact an RFP. Thank you Carl!
  7. It sounded a little like it had been cancelled and resolicited (emphasis added). You could be right of course, but the OP knows for sure. This is true, but I don't think we know if a termination for default actually occurred. If it had the agency could move on to the second bidder and charge the price delta to the defaulted contractor. BTW, when I had to dig into this, I found these things to ponder when going through a reprocurement after default: The time elapsed since the original competition Whether liquidated damages are being charged Whether METRO intends to charge reprocurement costs The urgency of the defaulted work. If there are more I'd love to hear it. I very well may have missed a few. Below is the source material . . . Maersk Line, Limited, B-410445, B-410445.2: Dec 29, 2014 Aerosonic Corporation, B-232730: Jan 18, 1989 Central Air Services, Inc. , B-208449: Dec 14, 1982
  8. I know that it is a little more difficult to cancel an IFB than an RFP because folks' prices are revealed publicly. However, I don't think this is a productive line of attack- you are welcome to peruse Bob's curated list of failed IFB cancellation protests here: http://www.wifcon.com/pd144041.htm The Government may have a good reason to have cancelled, there could have been issues with the funding, for example, or perhaps they needed to get some regulatory approval that they did not yet have. It is irksome it was reissued without changes, and your price is just hanging out in the open. Maybe if you call them on the phone and ask for an explanation, they can give you some peace of mind?
  9. Yes it does. Is there any value in this follow up question though: 'If this change were occurring during contract performance (rather than prior to award and after receipt of proposals), would it be a cardinal change?' Folks seem to have a pretty good feel for what constitutes a cardinal change, and there is a lot of ink spilled on that subject, so I was trying to leverage some of that in answering the OP's question if possible. If these concepts are totally unrelated, I'm relying on the group to send me back to my corner.
  10. Does the cardinal change have a role to play here? Is the solicitation-cancelling change's magnitude greater or lesser than a cardinal change?
  11. Sometimes I suffer from this. Please try to be understanding if you can.
  12. A PR is when someone hands you an envelope of money and says 'Can you go get ________________ for me? It's cool with everyone if we get _______.' Except on paper instead of in person. Then I launch into the particulars. I found this explanation is good for new folks. If your audience is more sophisticated please disregard.
  13. I think these are the takeaways, then. The dollarizing may just be a symptom of many of us not realizing this. Thanks both.
  14. Contractor could also provide a better warranty, too. I have a follow-up question: is it necessary to "dollarize" this exchange? Questioner states the CO "believes" the amount is $10K, but does this number need to be known?
  15. That's what I thought too. That passage states also: I'm actually in Texas. So deep in Texas the BBQ place near my house gives you a discount if you open carry. I didn't think we were allowed to apply a penalty in that fashion. That's why I was assuming the multiplier and the LD amount would be the same. Thanks for sharing all that- it was interesting!
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