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  1. Thank you. Does it affect contracts already awarded to the contractor? Does this debt flag prohibit a government agency from issuing a delivery order or modification to a current contract?
  2. How does "Delinquent Federal Debt" flagged on a Company's SAM.gov affect a company? Does it delay contract awards mods, shipments, payments, etc? Please note that this delinquency is due to a minor late payment on a tax that is currently under review by the IRS for abatement due to reasonable cause.
  3. Can someone point me to the FAR clause that requires most favorable pricing to the Government?
  4. There is a prosolicitation posted on Fed Biz Opps that my company plans to respond to at the solicitation phase. We notice that the customer can save millions of dollars if they chose an alternate scope of work. We would like to formally ask the customer to revise the scope based on our recommendations. Is there a procedure for doing this prior to solicitation phase?
  5. What is the process for Fast Transportation in an FOB Origin contract? Does the contractor need to use eTools Shipping Instruction Requests? How do they get reimbursed for shipping costs?
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